Best Tripod for Macro Photography,  Product Photography, Jewelry Photography and more!

Discount Tripod for Macro Photography, Product Photography, Jewelry Photography, Ebay Photography and more! A camera store quality Macro Photography Tripod at discount prices with shipping included to continental USA.
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Our Best Tripod for Macro  Photography,  eBay
and Amazon Product Photography "All In One!"

Welcome to our TRIPOD FOR MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY and PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY page.  Our "All In One" PLC VERSA PRO 992 TRIPOD has the features and versatility to take sharp stable shots from as low as ground level all the way up to medium and large product photography as well as people.


You get better angle control than tabletop tripods because of its larger more stable base and Multi-Angle Central Column that allows you to shoot straight down for macro photography of extra small items such as jewelry or electronic components etc.  This FULL SIZE TRIPOD is perfect for the Amazon, eBay, online website store or catalogue photographer because it also excels at taking sharp stable shots of medium and large sized products as well portrait, people photography and video.  


It includes the tripod head with a standard ¼ -20 screw that fits all cameras, DSLRs and camcorders such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Fujifilm, Polaroid, Vivitar and Olympus so there is nothing else to buy!  


If your extra small camera or camera phone such as the iPhone doesn't have a tripod screw hole we also have a Smartphone adaptor clamp (below) which is a great solution to attach your camera to the tripod or an ordinary light stand with a ¼ -20 top.  Order with our VERSA PRO 992 TRIPOD to get sharp stable shots with virtually any camera!


The professional quality "All In One" PLC VERSA PRO 992 TRIPOD provides great combination of pro features, quality and low price.  It also includes the tripod head so there is nothing else to buy, plus FREE Shipping is included to continental USA making it an even better value!  Any questions or to order by phone please feel free to give us a call (714)969-8600.


PLC VERSA PRO 992 TRIPOD  for Macro Photography and Product Photography with Carry Case  SMARTPHONE AND SMALL CAMERA TRIPOD ADAPTER CLAMP for iPhone etc.
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“The VERSA PRO 992 Product and Macro Photography Tripod has a uniquely designed Multi-Angle Central Column offering versatility that enables more angle possibilities than ever before to take sharp stable shots from any angle including straight down!”

Innovative Multi-Angle Central Column easily adjusts from vertical to any horizontal position 0 to 180 degree angles without removing it from the tripod. You get the ability to easily shoot 100% rock steady shots at any downward angle, essential for product, Amazon, eBay, catalogue, website photography, baby photos, copy and macro photography which is next to impossible with hand held shooting and most other tripods.  

The Quick Action leg locks with 3 way locking adjustable leg angles can be used to splay the legs out to lower the tripod and camera to as low as ground level or create a more stable base.  Legs adjust independently for positioning on uneven terrain.  Plus you get the high maximum height of 66 inches which reaches eye level of the average adult for people photos in addition to larger product photography.

With its max capacity of 13 lbs. it also works great for larger DSLRs, video cameras, or when you need extra handling capacity for additional camera mounted accessories. Aluminum alloy construction provides strength without excess weight.

With all the quality and features of premium single function tripods the VERSA PRO 992 makes a wonderful tripod not only for macro photography and products but equally great for people, portrait photography and video interviews!

“When you add up all the features of the Versa Pro’s unique design, it’s like you’re getting 3 tripods in one for less than the price of a similar quality single function camera store tripod!”

  • Unique Adjustable Center Column fully adjusts 180° vertical to horizontal with 360° rotation without removing camera from tripod.
  • High Max capacity: 13 lbs. in upright operating position.
  • Head: Removable, 3-way pan/tilt, quick release plate. (Additional quick release plates available below)
  • High Max height: 66”
  • Minimum operating height: 0”
  • Folded length: 33”
  • Quick Action Leg Locks 3 Angle Locking adjustable tripod leg angles used to splay legs out to add camera tripod stability for horizontal shots or to lower the tripod to ground level.
  • Tripod weight: 3.6 lbs.  Aluminum alloy construction strong yet light.
  • Leg Sections: 3, Max tube diameter: 28.5mm
  • Built in Level Indicator
  • Non-slip spiked rubber feet with retractable spikes.
  • Suggested dolly: PLC EZ-Fold Tripod Dolly
  • 1 year USA warranty  
  • Pro Tripod Carry Case with Shoulder Strap
PLC VERSA PRO 992 TRIPOD All In One Camera Tripod
 $129.95 Free Shipping, Save $70!
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PLC VERSA PRO 992 TRIPOD All In One Tripod
 $129.95 Free Shipping, Save $60!

Replacement Quick Release Plate for PLC VERSA PRO 992 TRIPOD $12.95 Free Shipping when added to Tripod order
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camera tripod quick release plate
Quick Release Plate

camera tripod clamp
Mount your small camera or Smartphone to your tripod quick and easy. Opening to a full 3 3/8 inches with spring loaded extra large clamps with non skid protective pads to protect your device while positioning securely, the backside has a standard female 1/4 -20 tripod mount that fits our PLC VERSA PRO 992 Tripod as well as other tripods with standard tripod screws.  

Free shipping when added to Tripod order.

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Add to order SmartPhone and Small Camera Tripod Adapter Clamp for iPhone etc.  $12.95

Our All In One PLC VERSA PRO 992 tripod for macro photography and product photography is the perfect product and macro photography tripod for Amazon and ebay photography, online website stores and catalogue photography when you need sharp stable shots of products small to large, a jewelry photography tripod or a macro photography tripod as well as clothing, electronics and larger eBay products.  Its the best tripod for macro photography when you compare price and features.  Any questions, please feel free to give us a call (714)969-8600. 

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