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This post was most recently updated on January 8th, 2023

Flash photography is something that can be quite intimidating to someone new to the photography world. It is another cumbersome device that you will need to drag around with you to wherever you are shooting.

But, if you learn how this device works and when to use it, a flash can really set your photos apart from the rest.

So, why is it worth taking a flash along with your lighting equipment and camera? If you are shooting in a studio it is not much of a hassle, but, if you want to photograph something in a forest for example. It can be a lot to handle.

On top of why you need a flash, how do you know which brand is best for you? Is Godox a good fit, or are there other, better options out there? In this article, we will be looking at all of this and more.

What Does Flash Photography Do For My Work?

There are many reasons that a flash can be a great asset on a shoot, the effect it has can really breathe new life into an otherwise dull image. But what are the main reasons to use a flash?

Changing The Quality Of Light

Sometimes the most subtle use of the flash is the best, at times natural light can just be perfect on the background but not quite working for your subject. By using a flash correctly, you can change the quality of the light that is existing in the image, all while keeping the beautiful natural detail you loved before.

Soft Directional Light

If you work with lighting, you will know that soft light can make photographing subjects easier. You do not have to worry about how light falls and instead can focus on the subject.

But, you could do one better by directing this soft light onto your subject, for example, if you place your subject next to a window on a nice cloudy day you can use that soft light directionally to make shapes stand out on your chosen subject.

A flash does much the same thing, it allows you to get that directional light at any time of the day, regardless of the weather. In fact, it is even better than natural light because you can control the power of the flash to get different effects.

Depth And Separation

Contrast is one of the best ways to achieve a separation or depth for your subject. Light is very important in creating contrast and helping your subject stand out. If, for example, you used a cool light in a warm scene, this difference in lighting would create a contrast in the background and the subject, which is what you want.

A flash can be used in much the same way, even a small flash can be enough to lift a subject out of the background.

Dramatic Lighting

Increased contrast in an image can create a more dramatic image, and the control you have using a flash is a great tool to help achieve this. As an example, if you are taking a photo outside with one person, you might find that if the person is correctly exposed, the clouds will blow out.

But, if you expose the clouds correctly, your person will be in darkness. This is where a flash can help, by exposing the clouds correctly you get the dramatic background, and using a flash helps separate the person from the background, as well as lighting them just enough to make the whole piece look dramatic.

What Brand Should I Go For?

Now that we know what a flash can do to really make your photos pop, the next question is, what brand is the best? Are Godox flashes the best on the market or are there others that just work better or are there flashes that are better value for money?

In this section:


There is controversy around whether Godox is a good choice for professional photographers. But, they offer pretty much the same feature as other brands like Profoto, all while being in a much more affordable price range.

There are several features in this flash that can be of great use to a professional photographer, making it a good choice if you are short of money and need a reliable device.


  • Battery Life – This flash has a decent battery life
  • Sync – This flash has a reasonably high-speed sync
  • Price – The Godox flash is a reasonable price
  • Light & Color – The light and color output of this flash is consistent
  • Light – Godox is great for lighting models or subjects


  • Menu Systems – They can be a little user-unfriendly and need work
  • Quick Release – This feature does not work as well as it should

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Godox Compatible With Sony?

Yes, there are Godox flashes such as the TT685S which is compatible with Sony cameras, there are also numerous other versions of Godox flashes that you can use.

Does The Godox V1 Have Bluetooth?

Yes, Bluetooth has been incorporated into the Godox V1, as well as features such as a scan feature and a quick-release foot.

How Long Does The Godox V1 Battery Last?

With a fully charged battery, you can easily get about 480 full-powered flash shots.


This flash is the go-to for many photographers. The Profoto is fast, so you can always capture the action in time. It is also powerful and holds its battery charge for 400 flashes, so you are unlikely to run out of charge too quickly.

It is an uncomplicated flash and designed to be cordless, so it is easy to take with you wherever you might be shooting. This robust flash is designed to take a beating, it can be used in all manner of environments, and should come out relatively unscathed.


  • Bluetooth – This device, or at least the newer models, will have wireless and Bluetooth as built-in features.
  • Battery – Has a good battery life which allows 400 flashes per full charge, and has a battery to power flash.
  • Lightweight – This flash is light and easy to carry around


  • Price – This flash can be expensive

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Profoto Worth The Money?

This flash is quite expensive, but research has shown that it is a worthwhile investment. It is a sturdy device and one that has a good battery life, all while being lightweight and doing its job really well.

Is Profoto A Good Brand?

Profoto as a brand has always shown itself to be excellent quality gear, especially for professionals. Even the price suggests that this brand is of good quality.

How Long Does Profoto B1 Battery last?

These batteries should last just about 90 minutes if you are using them at full power.

Is Godox A Good Brand?

The short answer to this question is yes. The brand itself is good and there are plenty of features that are exceptional for professional photographers. In fact, some photographers have found that Godox is a better brand, like the more expensive Profoto.

Both of these flash brands offer fantastic products which do what they are supposed to do and have the right features for all manner of jobs.

So, to answer the question, yes Godox is a good brand for flashes, they have their place and the low price certainly makes them appealing. However, this question can also boil down to personal opinions and experiences with the devices themselves.

Because of this, it is important to make your own opinion on the matter and of course bear in mind the prices and your budget. If you are just starting out or do photography as a hobby, it might be better for you to go for the Godox flash due to the price.

This will allow you to get used to using a flash and grow accustomed to this type of photography. You might find that you will never need to try another brand, or you may want to experiment with another brand like Profoto.

At the end of the day, do your research and make the right purchase for you.