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This post was most recently updated on January 8th, 2023

Having to make an audition tape can be a difficult, nerve-wracking experience! No matter what you are auditioning for, you are likely to only have a small amount of time to make a big impression!

Many different factors will affect how well your audition self-tape does! It’s important to give yourself every advantage that you can.

But how do you do this? Well, lighting is a good first thing to consider. Lighting will affect how you look, the atmosphere of your room, and will serve as a backdrop for how your audition ends up presenting itself!

Here’s the thing – how can you know what lighting is going to be best for you? What are the best lights you can pick – how good are ring lights?

If you’re looking for the answers to this question, then you’ve come to the right place! We’re going to take you through everything you’ll need to know about ring lights, including how to include them in your audition tape!

We’ve also included a short FAQ section that will aim to answer any additional questions related to auditions that you might have!

What Are Ring Lights?

Ring lights are small lamps that are placed around the room where you are going to record your audition. They are used to create more light in the recording area, which is great if you have a dark room or if it is not well lit.

If you are trying to do a video audition, then ring lights are especially helpful because they allow you to see yourself on camera better. You may also use them if you need to rehearse your lines before the actual audition.

Are Ring Lights Good For Audition Tapes?

Are Ring Lights Good For Audition Tapes?

Yes! Ring lights are perfect for auditions because they add more light to the room, making it easier to see yourself on camera. It is important to note that these lights should not be too bright, otherwise they could hurt your eyes.

Also, make sure that you turn off all of the other lights in the room so that there is no glare when you are filming. This will ensure that you look good on camera.

How Do I Use Them?

The first thing you should do is find a place where you feel comfortable. Then, take out your phone and start recording. Make sure that you are facing the camera, but don’t worry about whether or not you are smiling. Just focus on speaking clearly and naturally.

Once you have finished recording, move the ring light closer to the camera until it is just above your head. This way, you will be able to see yourself on camera without having to adjust the lighting.

Can I Use A Different Light Source?

You certainly can! The only rule here is that you cannot use any type of flash or strobe light. If you try to use one, you will end up with a lot of shadows and reflections on your face.

So, instead, choose something like a desk lamp or candlelight. These types of lights are usually much softer than regular bulbs, so they won’t cause as many problems.

Do I Need To Turn Off Other Lights In My Room?

No, you don’t! As long as you are using a ring light, you don’t need to turn off anything else. However, if you are doing a video audition, then you might want to turn off the overhead lights. Otherwise, you risk getting a reflection from the ceiling onto your face.

Do I Have Any Other Options?

Of course! There are plenty of options available. Some people prefer to use a whiteboard or a mirror. Others use a flashlight or even a smartphone. Whatever works best for you, just make sure that you are comfortable and confident while you are recording.

These won’t necessarily look as good as something like ring lights, however.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! Ring Lights are a great way to add soft or brighter lighting to your room, to make you and your environment look great for an audition tape! One final thing we would like to point out regarding audition tapes is to make sure you take your time in setting up your shot.

You get one chance here, so you may as well spend some time making sure everything is right. That’s not to say your lighting will be the difference between getting a call-back or not, but you want to increase your chances as much as you can.

Having good lighting is a perfect way to say to a casting director that you take your craft seriously!

We hope that this article has given you some information about ring lights and that you now feel confident in using them! Below is a short FAQ to answer any additional questions you might have!
Good luck with your auditions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Get your last-minute queries answered here!

Do Ring Lights Give Natural Light?

Yes! Ring lights give natural light by adding more light to the room. They also create a nice, warm glow around your body, which will be great for your tape audition!

What Kind Of Lighting Should I Use?

Ring lights are ideal for auditions because they provide a natural-looking light source. They work great for both daytime and night-time auditions.

Should I Put My Audition Tape Through A Video Editor?

If you are going to edit your audition tape, then you want to use a ring light. It will help you to avoid shadows and other issues caused by editing software.

Is Overhead Lighting Good For Audition Tapes?

Overhead lighting is fine for auditions. However, if you do decide to use an overhead light, make sure it is dim enough to prevent glare. Also, make sure that you keep it at least two feet away from your face.

Are LED Lights Good For Auditions?

LED lights are great for auditions. They produce very little heat, which means that you don’t have to worry about damaging your skin. They also last longer than traditional incandescent bulbs, which makes them easy to replace when needed.

What Are Floor Lamps?

Floor lamps are great for auditions, especially if you are working with a small space. They allow you to control the amount of light coming into the room. This helps you to achieve a specific mood.