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This post was most recently updated on January 29th, 2023

When it comes to creating videos, the majority of us use our smartphone due to its amazing capabilities at capturing sharp and color rich recording.

Even so, finding the right light can be a problem. Scrolling through the likes of Instagram and TikTok can cause a headache due to how perfectly polished some videos look.

It is not uncommon to start filming and then realize it looks like you have not slept for years due to all the shadows and lines that have appeared across your face because of the in-door lighting. Sigh.

Whilst this might seem like a major issue, it can be resolved using a simple method: a ring light. Not only are they great for using when taking photographs, but they can also cast an even light when doing videos.

We have put together a simple guide to help you find the best one for you, so let us get to it!


The Viciall is a versatile ring light that uses a heavy weighted metal clip to not only make sure it stays balanced, but it can be attached to different surfaces such as a laptop screen or the edge of a desk.

It also has a rotating ball that allows the light to be moved around in a 360 degree turn to make sure you can achieve the best angle for lighting a subject.

There are 3 lighting modes depending on whether you want a cool, natural or warm light, and there are 10 brightness intensity levels.

It has a USB connection in order for it to be used, so you will need to either plug it into a laptop or power bank, but that is becoming the ‘norm’ these days.

At 6.3 inches, the light itself is a decent size and is surprisingly really bright. However, despite the clip, it may be limiting for some as it is not as tall compared to other options.


  • Bright – at 6.3 inches the light itself is bright and powerful
  • 10 intensity levels – plethora of brightness levels, but also 3 modes of cool, natural and warm
  • Clip – can be securely clipped onto a laptop or desk
  • 360 degree rotation – can be used at different angles
  • USB connection – no need to charge


  • Not tall – has to be clipped on a laptop or desk edge which may be too limiting for some people

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The Ubeesize is an all round great ring light that is perfect for any wannabe influencer. The 10 inch light also includes a 62 inch tripod at its tallest, that can be used at its smallest size of 17 inches for an on the desk light.

There is a holder in the middle of the light that will fit most phone sizes. The placement ensures you will get an even light. However, we found that it has no function to turn the holder to portrait, so you will have to always use it in landscape.

It also comes with a remote that will allow you to take pictures via bluetooth if you are standing away from your phone – useful if you want to take a handful of selfies quickly.

Just like the viciall, there are 3 modes and 10 brightness intensity levels to suit the video.


  • 10 brightness intensities – allows you to manually control the lighting
  • Tall tripod – can be used at 17 inches to 62 inches
  • 10 inch light – a big light that is powerful
  • Remote – it allows for hands-free picture taking


  • Landscape only – no option to use portrait side up

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If you are looking for a ring light that has a couple of ways to use it, then look no further. The Acmezing 6 inch ring light offers two ways to get creative. You can either attach it on a laptop via the clip which uses silicone to avoid scratching, or by using the flexible tripod.

The flexible legs can be manipulated to either stand like a regular tripod, or to hang off a piece of furniture. It is fun, and will be great for those times when you have nothing stable for it to stand on or clip to.

The ring light has 5 modes: warm warm, warm white, natural white, daylight and a cold white. It also includes 5 different intensity levels.

Due to the lower brightness levels, you do have to sit closer to feel the best effect, but other than that it is a really good, inexpensive ring light.


  • Two ways to use – either clip it on the laptop, or use the flexible tripod
  • 5 modes – use different warm or cold levels depending on the kind of light you want
  • Inexpensive – a great ring light for casual use


  • 5 brightness levels – you may need to sit closer to the ring light

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Lume Cube

If you are looking to invest, then the Lume Cube is a good option. Whilst it is on the higher-end of the market when it comes to price, there is a reason for it.

At 18 inches, the ring light is big enough to use for a variety of things, in fact, we found it super bright when creating a video.

The stand is 78” tall too, which means you can place it on the floor or a desk when made smaller, making it extra versatile to use. Also, unlike the Ubeesize, you can use your phone or camera in portrait or landscape mode.

The ring light itself is adjustable and can be rotated 360 degrees and tilted 180 degrees making it easy to find the right angle. It also includes a carry case in case you need to transport it.

It does come with rechargeable batteries, but you can also plug it into the mains as well, rather than using a USB connection. The battery option is helpful for when you want to use the light on-the-go.


  • Tall – at 78” it can be used on the floor or made smaller to use on a desk
  • Options to use – you can plug it into the mains, or use the rechargeable batteries to use remotely
  • Big ring light – the 18” light can cover a large area


  • Expensive – if you are looking to invest in a good ring light, the price is worth it

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If you want to add color to your video, then the GerTong has plenty of options. It has a number of single colors you can choose from, or you can use multi-colors to create fun effects to the video.

Each color also has 3 modes which you can dim to create the exact lighting you want.

The 150 settings were fun to go through, and the videos looked cool afterwards, but we found that we preferred the regular lighting modes best. We also loved the fact the phone holder was adjustable as you are able to rotate it.

The light itself is 12.6 inches and it comes with a tripod that can be used from 28.3 inches to 74.1 inches – so it is really tall.

It is USB powered so will need either a laptop or power bank to operate it.

Despite its size, the light did not appear as bright as other options, but is perfect enough for video making and Zoom calls.


  • Lots of colors – easy to be more creative
  • Tall tripod – can reach up to 74.1 inches
  • USB powered – no charging needed


  • Could be brighter – but decent for video making

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Buyer’s Guide

If you are wondering what to look for when buying a ring light, then this short buyer’s guide will help you to focus on the key areas you need to check out before investing.

Lighting Modes

The majority of ring lights have different light modes and brightness settings. Whilst you may end up just using one mode at the brightest setting, it is useful to have the choice if you do ever want to change the mood of the image.

For example, it is handy to use the brightest option when taking pictures if you want that overexposed, clean look. However, if you want it to come across warmer, you can change the mode from ‘cool’ to ‘warm’.

This can give a picture a completely different feel, and perhaps make it more natural compared to the coolest setting.


Before you buy a ring light, you will need to make sure you know what you are using it for. This is because there are many different set-up types.

Some may clip onto a laptop, whilst another may have a long stand enabling you to place it on the floor. There are also desk versions, or ones you can hang off an item.

If you buy one that clips onto a laptop for example, you will not be able to use it upon a stand and will have to find somewhere else to clip it.


There are a few different sizes when it comes to ring lights themselves, but for video, you only need to invest in something that is standard. If you want an even brighter scene, then buy two.

A ring light can only emit so much brightness, and when used professionally, more than one is usually in front of the subject. However, this will not be necessary if you are just using it to create videos off your phone, one ring light will be enough.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do People Use Ring Lights For A Video?

The main reason a person uses a ring light for a video is because it helps to achieve an even light across the face or subject. This means the light can take away any shadows on the face, such as under the eyes, which may make a person look tired.

Is It Worth Buying A Ring Light?

If you are planning to take photos of products or make videos, then a ring light is a great investment. It will make what you are doing appear more professional, and will help you to avoid any bad lighting issues.

Is The Placement Important For A Ring Light?

It is really important where you place a ring light because the light will change according to what it shines on to and from which angle.

For example, if you want a bright and unblemished appearance, then positioning it directly opposite your face is best. If it is placed to the side, above, or below, it will cast unwanted shadows.

Can You Leave A Ring Light On For A Long Time?

Because of the way they are used, ring lights are often left on for long periods of time, for example during a photo shoot or whilst filming.

Due to their low power usage, ring lights can be left on for a longer period of time without any problems. They also have a very low heat output making them safe to use.