How Far Does A 600mm Lens Zoom (And How Far Can You Shoot)

How Far Does A 600mm Lens Zoom (And How Far Can You Shoot)

Photography is a subject that requires the correct equipment to get good quality pictures, so your equipment must allow you to do just that.

One of the most common questions asked by people who are new to photography is how far can they shoot with their lens?

The answer to this question depends on what type of lens you have and whether or not you use a tripod.

A 600mm lens is very popular amongst the photography community and can help you take beautiful pictures from far away.

But how far can a 600mm lens zoom? Knowing this information will help you get closer to nature and take striking photos that you are incredibly proud of!

If you are new to photography, you may be unsure about the distances that some lenses zoom. If so, don’t worry!

This article will take you through everything that you need to know about 600mm lenses and how far they can zoom.

What Do You Use A 600mm Lens For?

If you are unfamiliar with 600mm lenses, you may be wondering what they can be used for and if you are missing out by not owning one.

There are many different reasons why someone would want a 600mm lens, but the main reason is down to the quality of photos that are produced by this lens.

600mm lenses are also known as super-telephoto lenses as they can shoot very far distances. As they are used to photographing objects from far away, they are very popular with wildlife photographers.

This is because wildlife photographers are unable to get too close to their subjects in case they become frightened, so shooting from far away is their best option.

Birds are very popular to photograph using a 600mm lens.

Smaller birds like hummingbirds can be photographed from up to 75 meters away which is perfect for capturing a beautiful photo without frightening the bird.

600mm lenses allow photographers to get close to nature without scaring them away.

How Far Can You Shoot With A 600mm Lens?

When you are looking for how far a 600mm lens can shoot, the answer can vary. This is due to the size of the object and how you want them to look in the final image that you shoot.

Some people prefer to shoot landscapes while others choose to focus more on animals.

Both require a lens where you can zoom in so that you can see the subject of the photo clearly and from a distance.

The minimum distance that a 600mm lens can focus on is around 15ft. This means that depending on how big or small the subject of the photo is, you may be able to increase this distance.

The 600mm lens is perfect for capturing small wildlife from far away so you don’t scare them or make them move.

If you are shooting larger subjects like landscapes or larger wildlife, you may not see the need for a 600mm lens.

The purpose of a 600mm lens is to shoot from far away, so it is perfect for wildlife photography, however big or small.

It helps you to get a good visual of the wildlife without getting too close and scaring them away, leaving you with no photos.

You can use smaller lenses to capture larger subjects in your photo, but you will be able to get better results with a 600mm lens.

This is due to the 600mm lens being able to zoom in more so that you have better clarity and quality photos.

Calculating The Range Of A 600mm Lens

Calculating The Range Of A 600mm Lens

When calculating the range that a 600mm lens can shoot, you can divide the lens by 50mm. The closest lens to the eyes of humans is 50mm, so you can divide 600mm by 50mm to find out the range of a 600mm lens.

The calculation of 600mm divided by 50mm is 12. This means that using the 600mm lens will allow you to look at your subjects up 12 times closer than with a naked eye.

When you do this, you will notice that the subject becomes clearer and easier to spot. The 12 indicates the number of times that you can zoom in on your subject.

This is ideal when photographing large animals such as elephants or whales. They are usually difficult to get close to and therefore require a long lens to show off their beauty.

By using a 600mm lens, you can get much closer to these animals and still take great photos.

600mm Lens Or Smaller?

As 600mm lenses are used to capture smaller objects from further away, most people will assume that there is no need for purchasing one.

If you are not interested in taking pictures of small objects or wildlife, then you should consider buying a shorter lens instead. However, the quality may not be as good.

You can use a 600mm lens to shoot larger subjects that you are unable to get close to.

Having a 600mm lens may seem unnecessary to some wildlife photographers, but you will be able to see a huge improvement in the quality of your photos by using this lens.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, using a 600mm lens will help you to see an improvement in the quality of your photos.

The 600mm lens allows you to zoom up to 12 times more than a 50mm lens, which is the equivalent of a human eye.

If you are focusing on wildlife and nature photography, it will be extremely beneficial to have a lens that is larger than 300mm.

Using a longer lens will give you a wider view of your surroundings and allow you to get a greater amount of detail into your photographs.

The 600mm lens will help you to focus on smaller wildlife without scaring it as you won’t have to try and get as close.

Having the lens will allow you to become confident in your photography abilities and see a great improvement in your photos. No wildlife will be too small to capture on your 600mm lens!