How To Take A Good Selfie - 5 Flawless Tips

How To Take A Good Selfie – 5 Flawless Tips

In today’s modern era of social media, the art of taking a good selfie has become somewhat of an essential skill to master.

Whether it’s to share yourself on social media, to market your image as an influencer, to show friends and possible love interests that you look hot as hell, or even just to feel yourself and boost that self-confidence, a good selfie can make all the difference. 

Technically, a selfie is easy enough: you point the camera at yourself, make sure you are in the frame and snap the pic.

But there is taking a selfie, without much thought behind it, and then there is taking a good selfie in which you make yourself look as good as possible so that the selfie is amazing and appealing, and a boost to your confidence.

As you might have guessed, the second kind of selfie is the one you should be aiming for. 

There are many factors that go into taking the perfect selfie, from the lighting to the pose, to even the way in which you hold your phone.

There’s actually a lot more that goes into it than many people think, and once you’ve learned the tricks you’ll see exactly why all those famous Instagrammers manage to appear so flawless. 

If you’re a selfie-shy person, then no need to run away from this article.

Trust us, learning to take good selfies is one of the most important steps in order to start liking the way you look in photos, and building up self-love for your image. So we’ll give you 5 flawless tips on how to take a good selfie, and a lot more. 

Let’s get right into it! 

5 Flawless Tips For Taking A Good Selfie

Taking a good selfie that is insta-worthy requires a combination of good lighting, good posing, and knowing how to hold and angle your phone so that it all comes together.

(There is also the whole editing process to consider post-selfie, but if you take a good enough selfie you shouldn’t have to worry about editing or applying filters at all!) 

So, without further ado, here are our 5 flawless tips for getting the very best selfie: 

Find The Best Source Of Natural Light

This is by far one of the most important rules of good selfie-taking. In fact, this is probably our all-time golden rule. When taking a selfie, natural lighting is your new best friend, trust us. 

The lighting will determine the brightness or darkness of the selfie, as well as the tone, the mood, and the atmosphere.

Depending on whether the light is hard or soft the colors of the selfie will be colder or warmer, and you want to ensure you are well lit from the front so that you are vibrant, in focus, and there is a smooth texture and contrast. 

The best trick for getting good natural light is to stand in front of a window. You can alternatively use a ring light, but natural light is always better.

Just find a window within your house with good light, and spin around while aiming the camera at you until you find the perfect spot! You will look way better than if the selfie was taken in a dark room. 

Relax Your Mouth And Blow Air Through Your Lips

Remember the duck pout? Yeah, we don’t do that anymore. Today’s perfect selfies are all about looking natural and relaxed while looking as good as possible.

You can have your mouth either closed or slightly open, the point is to relax the muscles around it so that you don’t look like you’re forcing a pose. 

You need to relax your mouth, and then blow air through your lips. This will help hide any tension, and it will also give your lips that extra plumpness, without forcing the duck pout pose. 

Just be careful not to blow too much air during the pose, or else your cheeks will look inflated! 

Hold Your Phone At A Slight Side Angle

When taking a selfie, you really have to consider what your best angle is, and snap the pic from there.

For most people, taking a selfie from a straight-on forward angle will not look as good as if they were taking from a slight side angle. 

We’re not saying take a full-on profile selfie, just angle the phone slightly to one side so that you’re showcasing more of your jawline, and a tiny bit of your profile while being head-on.

It is also good to learn which side is your good side. Some people have equally good sides, but for most the asymmetry in the face means that one side works better than the other for selfies.

Once you learn which side to use for selfies, you’re basically guaranteed amazing pictures.  

Make Sure You Are Looking Up At The Camera

For the best selfie, you need to make sure that you are holding your phone camera slightly above you, so that the angle is you looking upward, rather than straight on or downward.

This helps hide your chin a little, making your face appear slimmer, and it can also help make your eyes look huge. 

Trust us, almost all flattering pictures are from this angle! It kind of makes you wonder if this is the reason why short people are always so cute and good-looking, we’re seeing them from the most flattering angle for them!

How To Take A Good Selfie - 5 Flawless Tips

Tall people on the other hand…but anyway, this is the perfect angle for good selfies. Just add in a genuine smile, and you’re set! 

Extend Your Head Away From The Neck

Selfies bring your face to center stage, for everyone to appreciate your facial structure and features.

Have you ever noticed how the most influencing Instagrammers tend to have that perfect sharp jawline? It’s seriously attractive, and totally achievable through posing. 

Just extend your head away from your neck. This will make your neck look longer, and the separation will give the illusion of a sharper and deeper jawline, which is the feature many people dream of having.

You should also pair this with making sure your shoulders are relaxed, and not raised upwards. 

In Conclusion

In conclusion, our 5 flawless tips for taking a good selfie are to find the best source of natural light, to relax your mouth and blow air through your lips, to hold your phone at a slight side angle, to make sure you are looking upward to your camera, and to extend your head away from your neck. Pretty simple, right?

And trust us, these 5 little adjustments to your pose and the way you hold the camera will have a huge impact on the final result of your selfie. 

From amateur to insta-worthy influencer, just like that. 

So remember: good lighting, holding the camera at the right angle, and the correct posing. Then all that’s left to do is smile! 






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