Photography Lighting Has Acquired Smoking Strobes – Here’s What You Need To Know!

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At they really set high standards for informational content about photography, from photography tips to product reviews – we were impressed. 

At Photography Lighting, while we cover lighting extensively, we felt that together with Smoking Strobes we can create your ultimate resource to expand your understanding of photography in all its facets.

Photography is such a large topic, and its enthusiasts could talk all day on the subject, but we feel that with our new acquisition that there is no better place to read and learn about the ever-changing world of photography.

What We Are About At Photography Lighting

At Photography Lighting our blog is written by specialists in photography who can provide professional tips, information about photographic practices, product guides as well as some more fun articles about modern uses of photography.

Photography Lighting is a place where anyone interested in photography can learn something new. 

We cater to both professional photographers who want to know the best products on the line right one, as well as to the aspiring photographers of the future who are practicing their skills on their phones.

Lighting is a great way into any topic on photography, no matter the subject.

How Can Lighting Make My Photos Better?

Our original pursuit was lighting, which is one of the most important and basic parts of photography that can apply to both professional and amateur photography.

Ring lights are now sold everywhere from Walmart to the pricier professional photography stores and are used even in mundane settings such as taking Instagram photos at home. 

This trend has really brought professional photography lighting into the mainstream and highlighted its importance to even the most amateur photographers.

Our blog covers everything from ring light filters you can use at home, utilizing shutter speed on high grade cameras for lighting, and even how to use flash on a disposable camera

This epitomizes our top down approach to photography information, from the basics to the more nuanced operations of lighting. Yet, anyone can learn from these articles no matter what your experience with a camera may be.

There are even tips for those who are interested in lighting without being a photographer, covering topics such as the best color to wear on zoom calls, fun filters on zoom calls, what lighting can aid depression, and what lighting can be the most flattering.

What Do I Need For Quality Lighting?

We understand that products and gear can also be important when it comes to lighting and photography in general.

We have compared some of the more professional gear like octaboxes and soft boxes, as well as more professional gear such as softbox modifiers as well as LED panel lighting. Understanding which of these can suit your situation best can really aid your photography.

Even at a very mundane and DIY level, gear is important and as ring lights have become more and more popular we have done our best at filtering some of the best ring lights for video even to the best ring lights for makeup application.

Lighting Safety

Lighting can be a magical thing when done correctly, but the safety of these situations can be important to  protect both the photographer and the model. 

It’s not always about gear, sometimes it’s about learning on-the-job safety from professionals. Again, while ring lights are really popular now, providing people with information on their general safety, practical tips to use ring lights safely and the safety of LED ring lights. We have also covered the safety of general lighting you may find across the photography world.

Beyond their safety, amateur photographers can use our blog to understand how much electricity ring lights use as well as if ring lights can burn out from use, not forgetting LED lights.

Tips From The Professionals

As a beginner, hearing directly from someone with experience can be the fast track to learning quickly with fewer hiccups. 

It can be really helpful to know how the professionals do it, what lens they use, what gear they use all the time, and what they use at a photoshoot, as well as what settings they use and what editing software. This kind of information can help amateurs prepare for future progression, especially if you have bought new gear.

Moreover, as an amateur transitioning to a professional, it can always be good to get advice on the more high end gear such as flash attachments, studio reflectors, prime lenses, portrait lenses and many more.

More often than not professionals can provide some great informational articles that explain more complex or specific concepts and gear in the photography world. 

We have covered topics such as golden hour, shutter speeds, exposure, aperture and f-stops, as well as simple tips for beginners such as common photography mistakes, general advice on how to take professional photographs, and what flattering light is.

Of course, one of the most valuable things a professional can inform us about is advice on photography as a career, from the practical issues of how much to charge for a photoshoot and how long it will take, how many light you will need,  to the value of a photography degree and a career in photography, as well as what sells.


In the modern world, photo editing can also be a really important practice, and if you aren’t the most tech-savvy it can be really helpful to hear from professionals.

From the ins and outs of photoshop, to potential alternatives, even as far as photo editing apps for Instagram.

Final Thoughts

With Photography Lighting and our recent acquisition of Smoking Strobes, there has never been a better place to learn and read about photography and all its facets. 

Lighting is one of the most basic fundamentals of photography that those who have never picked up a camera would understand. We find that lighting is one of the best ways to get into any topic about photography and is something that bridges beginners and professionals alike. 

We hope our website and blog can teach you something about photography, help you invest your money wisely, as well as being entertaining.

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