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This post was most recently updated on January 8th, 2023

A boudoir shoot is a photography session that takes place in a bedroom. The pictures are often done in lingerie to give off feelings of luxury, romance, and sexiness. A lot of people believe that a boudoir shoot is just taking pictures in your underwear, but they would be wrong.

Taking half-naked pictures can be a scary thought, especially if you don’t feel like you meet society’s beauty standards. Everyone is beautiful, but many women don’t see their inner or outer beauty.

A boudoir shoot is an empowering experience that shows women that they are strong, beautiful, and confident.

There are endless reasons why women may do one of these sessions. Some give their pictures to their partner as a gift, others do it to rediscover their sexuality, and some just do it for fun! If you’re on the fence, you’re in the right place!

Here are some of the reasons why you should do a boudoir shoot. If one, or several, of these will resonate with you, we hope that you at least consider taking the plunge.

Celebrating Singlehood

The end of a relationship is a sad period, but you can use this time to celebrate your future! A boudoir shoot can be your new start, while the pictures remind you how amazing you are, all by yourself.

Society tells women that singledom is bad, but that’s just a way to keep women down. Single women are some of the happiest people around, especially as they get older! Celebrate being single by having a photographer snap some shots of you in your favorite lingerie set.

A boudoir shoot will show you how gorgeous you are, and that you’ll be just fine without your ex in the picture.

Celebrating Motherhood

You’ve created life! What an amazing feat. Your body supported another person for 9 months, so naturally, it’s going to look different after birth. This is a good thing! Your new body is beautiful, but if you need help realizing it, a boudoir shoot can help you celebrate it.

Being a mother is tiring, so you may be wearing sweatpants a lot more than you used to. A boudoir shoot can help you rediscover your sexy side and celebrate becoming a mom. You’ll be so pleased when you look back at these pictures in the future.

And no, you don’t have to wait until you’ve had your baby! A maternity shoot can be done when you’re pregnant in the same way.

Rediscovering Your Feminine Side

Taking beautiful, sexy, and intimate photos can be a huge rediscovery of your feminine side. Feminine energy is the opposite of masculine energy. Masculine traits involve ambition, setting goals, and getting things done.

Feminine energy is expressed through creativity, dancing, and intuition. No matter what your gender is, we all have both of these traits within us. A boudoir shoot can be a complete celebration of feminine energy.

You can rediscover your softer, seductive side as you work with a trusted photographer. Try working with colorful lingerie, warm lighting, and soft bedroom accessories, then see if you awaken a hidden side of you.

Getting Fit/In Shape

Getting ‘in shape’ means different things to everyone. Some may want to gain muscle, others may want to lose a little bit of weight. Whatever the term means to you, if you’ve been working on your figure, there’s no better way to celebrate your new gains than with a boudoir shoot!

You’ll love looking at the pictures and seeing your new frame in a beautiful setting. Reaching your fitness goals is hard to do, so celebrate how hard you’ve come by showing your gorgeous curves off.

A Work Of Art

A Work Of Art

The photos from a boudoir shoot are amazing pieces, as they’re works of art in their own right. If you love the way your photos turned out, you may want to print one on canvas and hang it up on the wall.

You may also want to create a photo album or a glossy magazine from all of your prints. These pieces will stay in your possession for years and years, becoming valuable over time.

We promise, looking back on them in the future will be a lovely experience that you can share with others, or just yourself.

A Gift For Your Partner

A boudoir album filled with sensual pictures can be a special gift for your loved one. There’s something special about sharing your intimate pictures with your partner.

It signifies trust, love, and respect. You can look at these pictures together or they can do so by themselves. It’s truly a special gift to show your partner that you love them

Your Age

We should stress, beauty and age aren’t related. As long as you believe it, you can be hot and sexy at 80! That being said, at this moment, you’ll never be this young again. A boudoir shoot can be a celebration of how young – or old – you are.

If you’re younger, you’ll cherish these photos a few decades later. They’ll remind you of the fact that you were always beautiful. If you’re older, these photos will show you how stunning you are! No matter what your age is, you are beautiful, so show it!

Lingerie Shopping

If your lingerie drawer is looking more sad than sexy, a boudoir shoot can be the excuse you need to go shopping! Treat yourself to some new colors, textures, and finishes.

You could go for classic sensual colors like red and black, or opt for something more fun, like deep green or mustard. Have fun looking at pretty bras and basques, but aim to end the day with a new beautiful set.

Just make sure that it fits well and that the colors suit you, as this will help you look your best.


Taking your clothes off and posing in lingerie doesn’t come naturally to us. You may be scared at first, but rest assured, you’ll be amazed at the results! Your photographer will show you how to highlight your best assets, letting your inner and outer beauty shine.

A lot of women have busy lives so they forget what it’s like to treat themselves. A boudoir shoot is a day where you get out of your routine and do something for yourself. It’s natural to be a little stiff at first, but a few snaps later, you’ll get more comfortable in front of the camera.

This boost in confidence can do wonders for your well-being! At the end of the experience, you’ll be glowing with happiness, which is good for the people around you too.

Your Reason For Not Doing One

Many women want to do a boudoir shoot, but they’re putting it off for a particular reason. These may include wanting to lose weight, having no one to give the pictures to, or believing they aren’t pretty enough. These reasons will only hold you back!

You don’t want to look back at this period in the future and wish you would have done this earlier. Try taking the plunge and doing something different for a change! A boudoir shoot is a total celebration of you, no matter what your size, relationship status, or age is.

You may end up loving the whole experience, so just give it a go!

In Short

A boudoir shoot is an empowering experience that every woman deserves to have! It can be a scary thought, but if you’re thinking about it, the reasons above may convince you to step out of your comfort zone for a change.