Ring Light Filters: Why Use An Orange Filter

Ring Light Filters: Why Use An Orange Filter

Do you sometimes wonder how social media stars take all these wonderful shots of themselves and the places they go to?

They usually don’t have a professional photographer with them, and it might be surprising that they don’t even use a camera for these great-looking shots.

They simply use their phone, together with a ring light. Ring lights and their filter options are one of the most versatile tools to create professional-looking photos and videos.

We explore the different filter options for ring lights, and what you should specifically use the orange filter for.

What’s A Ring Light?

A ring light is an additional light source in the shape of a circle. It helps to create a soft atmospheric haze on photographs.

Professional photographers, bloggers, and influencers use ring lights as easy lighting tools for their portrait photography, videos, and macro photography.

Ring Light Filters

You can apply a range of different color filters to ring lights to achieve varying effects in your photographs.

From blue filters to add a more cold mood to an image to a white filter which can soften harsh lights and create more even skin tones.

What Is The Orange Right Light Filter For?

The most common filter used for this purpose is called an orange or yellow filter. If you’re looking for a ring light, then the orange filter is one of the most important accessories to have.

It will help your subject look more natural and make them appear less like they are in front of a bright background.

The orange filter also helps with the overall color balance of your photos.

If you don’t use an orange filter, it can cause the colors to be too warm or too cool. This could potentially ruin the entire photo.

How Does An Orange Filter Work?

An orange filter works by absorbing some of the blue light that comes from the flash. This causes the reds, greens, and yellows to become brighter than if there was no filter.

You’ll see this effect on camera screens when you take pictures without an orange filter.

How To Apply The Orange Filter Effect In Your Photographs

To apply the orange filter on your ring light you just change the settings of your ring light to add the orange filter.

Once you’ve done this and taken your first shots, you’ll notice that the skin of your subject will now appear warmer, more vibrant, and more natural.

When shooting portraits with an orange filter, it’s best to keep the exposure at around 1/3 to 2/3 of the normal exposure setting.

This way, your subject will still be lit properly but not overexposed, and it will ensure that you get a good quality image while maintaining a soft, warm glow on the skin of your subject.

Ring Light Filters: Why Use An Orange Filter

Why You Should Use A Ring Light

Did you know that ring lights were originally designed for medical purposes?

Today, medical departments use slightly different lights, and ring lights have become increasingly popular with professional photographers and Instagrammers around the world.

This wider interest in ring lights for commercial markets is justified. Here are some reasons why ring lights are so well-loved.

Ring Lights Emphasizing Details

The circular design and even light source make ring lights perfect for emphasizing even the smallest details in videos as well as photos.

From food photography to beauty shots, ring lights add a special touch to a range of commercial shots.

Ring lights allow the photographer to place the camera in the middle of the light. This means the light is not in the way, and he can focus the camera on the subject.

Create Color Effects

With their ability to produce a wide variety of effects, ring lights are great tools for creating unique images.

Some ring lights allow you to change color via an app, while others require you to exchange the white light bulbs for colored lights.

Changing either the bulbs or applying a filter to the ring light can create some great effects, including washouts.

But the color effects are not just useful for creating unusual photos. They can also be used to balance any other unwelcome light.

Effectively, color effects on your ring light allow you to work with your light conditions leading to less post-production processing later.

More Even Lighting 

Whether you are interested in the smallest details in macro photography or you want to focus your camera on an interesting element of your subject, ring lights create an even light across your object.

This can be particularly useful when you want to keep the scene and mood of the shot neutral.

Ring Lights Create A Halo Shadow

If you use ring lights as your only light source on set, you can create an impressive halo around your subject.

This adds more depth and drama to an image, but it also visually lifts your subject off the background.

An additional bonus of using a ring light is that it gently blurs the lines between your subject and the background removing any harsh edges and shadows.

Why Should You Use An Orange Filter On Your Ring Light?

Using a filter depends on what you want to shoot, and what kind of mood you want to create.

An orange filter makes your subjects look more natural and gives them a softer appearance. This is great for any photographs or videos with people.

When you shoot with an orange filter, you won’t need as much fill light since the orange filter absorbs some of the blue light coming from the flash.

This means you can get away with using a smaller amount of fill light.

Final Thoughts

Ring lights are an inexpensive lighting option when you don’t want to spend a lot of cash on a high-quality camera and additional lighting equipment.

They are especially popular among photographers who like to experiment with different looks and techniques.

Ring lights have also become more popular with the rise of social media where high-quality imagery and videos are a must-have now.

So if you’re looking for a simple yet effective solution to help you take better pictures, then consider investing in a ring light.

You’ll find they will quickly become one of your most valuable tools!