Do YouTubers Use For Lighting

What Do YouTubers Use For Lighting?

If you watch YouTube, then you will know that the vast majority of creators now use lighting for their videos. Gone are the days when YouTubers film videos that are low quality and have bad lighting.

Nowadays, YouTubers use a far more professional set-up. 

As YouTube has evolved, so have the expectations in regard to the quality of the videos produced, especially for creators that make YouTube videos for a living. For those watching the videos, they may not realize the process that goes into making sure that the video looks professional. 

However, there is a lot that goes behind making a YouTube video, from the expense of the equipment, to the intricacies of using them. YouTubers not only use a good quality camera, but more often than not, they use external microphones and various forms of lighting.

In this article, we will be focusing on lighting in particular, and will be talking you through all of the different lighting equipment YouTubers use. We will also be discussing some great options you may want to consider purchasing if you want to improve the quality of your videos. 

What Is YouTube?

The vast majority of people have a basic understanding of what YouTube is. It is a video based platform that allows people to watch and share their own content.

What Is YouTube?

It was initially set up in 2005, and it was founded by Chad Hurley, Steve Chan, and Jawed Karim. It was founded in America, and it is a social media platform.

Furthermore, it quickly increased in popularity, and has become one of the most popular and used platforms in the world.

As the platform progressed, and advertisements were introduced, content creators were able to earn an income from their videos. This then led to sponsorships and the creation of creators, more commonly known as “influencers”. 

Why Is Lighting Important For YouTubers?

When it comes to creating online content, for many YouTubers, their videos are the main source of their income. The videos are often sponsored by a brand, and as a result, there is a certain amount of expectation that is linked to the content they create.

When you watch a TV show or a film, you will have expectations for the quality of the images portrayed, and lighting plays a big part in this. If the lighting in a video is not fantastic, this affects how well the video is received.

In addition to this, good lighting allows a creator to focus on specific products to ensure they can be seen clearly, too. 

Given that YouTube is a career for many creators, they will put a chunk of money into purchasing lighting to ensure their videos are well lit and look professional.

However, even for people that make YouTube videos as a hobby, they still realize how important lighting is.

While natural light can be used, it is not always reliable, especially later on in the day. This is why lighting is useful because it eliminates the need to rely on natural lighting. 

What Do YouTubers Use For Lighting?

As we have already touched upon, there are a handful of different lighting options that YouTubers use.

While the majority of YouTubers will use similar lighting techniques, it is important to remember that every YouTuber is different. What one YouTuber may find essential, another may not use. 

Natural Light

The vast majority of YouTubers, especially those who are just starting out and do not have a lot of money to splurge on lighting, will use natural lighting. After all, natural lighting is the best lighting to use.

What Do Youtubers Use For Lighting

It is a lot softer than the harsh lighting that can be caused by LED lights. 

Natural lighting can look fantastic, especially at certain times of the day. This is why it is always recommended to film in a place where you can utilize natural lighting.

However, natural lighting is not reliable, and this is why a lot of YouTubers will choose to use artificial lighting.

While natural lighting is great, the unreliability of it can cause lighting differences and issues in a video, especially if it is filmed over a longer period of time. 

Ring Light

Ring lights are a fantastic lighting solution that are not too expensive to purchase, and allow the lighting to be brighter and more even. Any type of YouTuber can use this lighting, but it is particularly popular with vloggers, and beauty YouTubers. 

On the whole, a ring light is flattering, and many can be adjusted to create the correct color and brightness. A ring light is made up of LED lights, and are in the shape of a ring.

It is typically placed just behind the camera. However, some ring lights can be attached to a tripod. 

Neewer Ring Light Kit:18″/48cm Outer 55W 5500K Dimmable LED Ring Light

This is a fantastic ring light to consider as it can be used with cameras. It is not too expensive to purchase, and produces fantastic lighting. The stand is sturdy, and it features a remote for easy use. 

It is dimmable, and there are two light color options to choose from. It is 18 inches (ca. 46 cm) in size. The ring light and stand can be folded down easily and placed in the carry case. This allows it to not take up too much room when it is not in use. 

Studio Lighting And Soft Boxes

Soft boxes are a firm favorite amongst the majority of YouTubers, this is because they produce a less harsh lighting. Soft boxes mimic natural lighting very well, and do a great job at diffusing the light so that it is not as concentrated. 

The soft boxes are placed over studio lighting, and the light produced is less harsh and typically shadowless. They are an investment as you will need to purchase studio lighting in addition to the soft box.

However, they are certainly worth considering, especially if you are looking to set up a more professional frame. The lighting is typically warmer, and resembles natural lighting. Though, it can create cooler lighting too. 

Soft boxes are typically purchased in pairs, as this will create even lighting. However, you can choose to just purchase one to begin with. 

MOUNTDOG Softbox Lighting Kit, Photography Studio Light

If you are looking to purchase a fantastic softbox, this Mountdog option is a fantastic option to consider.

It is not too expensive, and the color and brightness can be adjusted easily. It can be folded down easily, and transported in the carry bag. 

There is also a remote included to allow you to change the settings with ease. The lighting created is natural and soft. 


We hope that you have found this article useful. As you can see, there are a few different lighting options that YouTubers use. While natural lighting is always the best option, as it is not reliable, YouTubers will typically need the help from artificial lighting. 

Soft boxes are a fantastic option to consider as the lighting they create is soft, rather than harsh.

However, ring lights are a fantastic option to consider. Many YouTubers will even use a combination of the both, depending on the set-up they need. 






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