What Size Ring Light Is Best (What Do Youtubers Use And What Do You Need)

What Size Ring Light Is Best (What Do Youtubers Use And What Do You Need)

Ring lights are crucial to many YouTube sets and will often make a huge difference in the standard of visuals throughout a stream or a video. Of course, when it comes to having a YouTube channel, a lot of the subscriptions will come from people liking your content and your personality, depending on what type of channel you have.

However, the visuals in these videos can make or break a channel, with many people making their decision on whether to subscribe. Because YouTube is a hugely visually-based platform, you need to make a good impression straight away.

Using a ring light is a great way of doing this and you can benefit massively! Read on to find out their sizes and how best to use them.

What Is A Ring Light?

A ring light is an essential tool for any videographer. It’s used to illuminate a subject that isn’t directly facing the camera, such as a person walking behind a car or a background object like a tree. The ring light makes the subject look more natural and less artificial.

A ring light also helps to create a better depth of field, which means that objects closer to the lens appear sharper than those further away. This is particularly useful for close-up shots where you want to focus on someone’s face.

This makes ring lights a perfect fit for YouTubers and enhances their facial features, diverting attention away from any sort of background. They’re also incredibly versatile and can be used in almost every situation. If you’ve ever watched a vlogger film themselves using a ring light, they’ll know exactly why YouTubers love them so much.

Different Sizes Of Ring Light?

There are three main types of ring lights available to you. Pocket ring lights, full ring lights, and handheld ring lights all have their benefits and will offer different uses for different scenarios.

Pocket Ring Lights

What Size Ring Light Is Best (What Do Youtubers Use And What Do You Need)

Each one has its benefits and uses but we’ll start by looking at pocket ring lights first. These are small, portable devices that clip onto a tripod head or other support structure.

They usually weigh around 1kg and are designed to be handheld. They’re ideal for shooting quick clips or even interviews. Because they’re easy to set up and use, they are seen very frequently throughout the YouTuber scene.

Full Ring Lights

What Size Ring Light Is Best (What Do Youtubers Use And What Do You Need)

Next up are full ring lights. These are larger units that don’t require a tripod and are usually mounted on a stand. They’re typically heavier than pocket ring lights and are generally used for longer shoots or events.

Full ring lights tend to be more expensive than pocket ring lights because of their size and weight. They’re also more difficult to transport, especially if you’re traveling.

Because they take longer to set up, they tend to be used for longer shoots, as previously mentioned. So if you like to conduct interviews or take part in lengthy live streams, then this could be the model for you. These tend to weigh anywhere from 2kg to 3kg, making them heavier, but not too heavy.

Handheld Ring Lights

What Size Ring Light Is Best (What Do Youtubers Use And What Do You Need)

Finally, there are handheld ring lights. These are smaller versions of full ring lights and are designed to be held in the hand. They’re lightweight and compact, making them easier to carry around. They’re most commonly used for vlogging, although some YouTubers do use them for live streams.

These are great for shooting short videos and interviews because they allow you to move around freely while filming. The downside is that they aren’t suitable for long-term projects because they’re so easily damaged. However, if you only need something temporary, these are a good option.

How To Choose Your Ring Light

The best way to choose your ring light is to think about what type of video you plan to make. For example, if you’re planning on playing video games with a face cam, then you might want to think about choosing a full ring light.

On the other hand, if you’re going to be doing an interview or vlogging, then you should consider a pocket ring light.

The next thing you need to look out for when buying a ring light is how it’s powered. Some models come with batteries, whereas others require AC power. It’s important to check which kind of power supply each model requires before purchasing.

Always ensure that the light that you’re buying also comes with the sufficient power needed.
If you’re unsure about which brand to buy, then you may want to opt for a bigger brand with more positive reviews.

Because YouTube is heavily influenced by social media, it’s no surprise that there are lots of different review types, such as videos, to help you make your choice.

As previously mentioned, certain ring lights will cost more than others, coming down to weight, size, and quality. Always set yourself a budget and make sure that you don’t pay too far over the odds to get your chosen device so that you can also focus on other features like microphones and cameras.

Where To Place My Ring Light

Of course, your light should be positioned out of sight from the camera. This ensures that you don’t have the device being an obstacle in the way of the chosen target to film. However, you want to make sure that there aren’t any obstacles blocking the light either.

By placing your light just to the side of your camera, you ensure that the two devices don’t get in each other’s way and will complement each other, rather than hinder.

Just make sure that you like the angle where the light is coming from so that you can leave the light there for future use. Of course, this is all affected greatly by the size of your ring light, which we explained earlier.

Final Thoughts

Ring lights are one of those things that every videographer needs to have at their disposal. Whether you’re using them to shoot a wedding, a concert, or even a sports event, having a ring light is essential.

It allows you to capture things in a much higher light quality, using LEDs and fluorescent tubing to your advantage. By controlling a light source, you make sure that you can reduce the number of harsh shadows and even enhance body features like skin tone and hair color.

Of course, everyone prefers natural light, however, YouTubers will often opt for the artificial alternative. This light source can make a huge difference in video quality and will make you forget about natural light when looking for a light for videos. Larger ring lights will produce more light, which is always something to think about!