Why Is My Zoom Video Blurry

Why Is My Zoom Video Blurry?

Why is my zoom video blurry? Having good quality in your video call can truly make or break a meeting. Poor video quality is not only frustrating for those on the receiving end, but it will also limit productivity and keep your team from reaching their goals.

Read on to discover the simple steps that you need to take to fix these issues.

8 Tips To Fix A Blurry Zoom Meeting Video

If you are currently suffering with poor quality zoom videos, then there are several tips you need to learn to overcome this issue. This article will help explain to you 8 tips to improve the quality of your zoom video conference.

Use Natural Window Light1

The initial benefits of using natural window light is that it is free as the lighting is naturally supplied by sunlight.

If your zoom video has low quality, cracks, or blur, the natural light coming in through your window is the best solution. This is the best option if you don’t have a LED light for streaming to maximize the light in your room.

To maximise the sunlight that reaches your camera, you need to position your desk so that it is facing the window to improve the video quality for your meetings.

Obviously, at night time, you will not be able to take advantage of natural light. Therefore it is recommended that you use an additional light that you can place behind the monitor screen or right behind the camera of your device. The use of even small lighting can be very impactful at night time.

Your zoom video looks blurry or grainy as a result of lack of lighting. Your camera will need a light source to produce the best video or photo quality.

Use An Led Video Light For Video Conferencing

If your workspace does not have windows or sufficient light sources, then this solution is the best solution to improve your camera’s performance. If you are currently in this situation, then you can use a study desk lamp to supply lighting when you zoom into a video conference.

Despite this, using a study lamp will have an unfavourable impact on your eyes, especially if you don’t have radiation glasses. Your eyes are likely to get tired very quickly. The most effective solution to this issue is to buy a Ring LED light for computers and laptops.

Along with being able to maximise light when video conferencing, this tool will also not damage your eyes even in long term use.

Use Good Camera Lighting For More Effective Zoom Video Conferencing

Use Good Camera Lighting For More Effective Zoom Video Conferencing

If you don’t want to bother with lighting by purchasing LED panels, you can always use a good camera. Good cameras will be able to produce high quality video during conferences.

If you are using a computer or laptop, it is recommended that you buy a good quality external webcam. As an example, a webcam from NexiGo is equipped with a high-quality camera and microphone.

If you prefer using your smartphone for video conferencing, then you still need a good light source. However, smartphones that have a flash light for front camera lighting are already on the market.

Use Good Camera Lighting For More Effective Zoom Video Conferencing

As your camera lens and microphone are small objects on your phone, this makes them more susceptible to dust and other small particles of dirt.

In terms of cameras, you can clean the camera lens using a cotton swab, tissue and cloth. By using these simple tools, you can clean the stains on your camera lens glass.

For the microphone, you can simply clean the dust by blowing it. After you have cleaned both the lens and microphone, test out the quality of the video and audio to see the results.

Check Your Router, Internet And Access Point

The quality of your internet is an important factor in the smooth zoom of a video conference. Video conferencing is very similar to streaming where your recorded data is uploaded and displayed in real time. The quicker your internet speed is for uploading and downloading, the better the video conferencing results you will produce.

Using an ethernet cable will dramatically increase the speed of your internet and will also be more stable compared to Wi-Fi connection.

By all means take good maintenance of your router or access point but don’t try it if you’re not sure you can solve it.

Close Other Unused Apps

Having multiple apps open whilst still using Zoom will cause the video quality to lag. This is because the CPU is working too hard and the performance will decrease so it cannot work optimally.

Therefore if you are using zoom video conferencing, make sure you close any non-essential laps to guarantee the best video quality possible.

Restart Your Device

Technically, computers, laptops and smartphones need sufficient time off for the system cooling process. Devices that are functioning for prolonged periods of time without rest will experience overheating and overload. The best solution to this issue is to restart your device, wait a while and use it again.

Find Out If There Are Devices Using The Same Internet As Your Own Device

If your zoom video quality is experiencing blur or lag, then you should try checking other devices that are currently connected to the same internet source as you. The slow speed of your internet may be as a result of too much sharing or bandwidth.

Ensure that other devices in the household or office are not using too much internet to the point that it is affecting your zoom video conference.

Final Thoughts

If you were previously having issues with your zoom video quality, then this article should have provided you with sufficient solutions to rectify these issues.

There is nothing worse than being in a zoom video conference and the picture appears to be blurry and there is constant lag. Remember to check your internet connection, remove unnecessary devices from the connection and improve your room lighting to create a far better video quality than before.






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