This site is 100% dedicated to helping you get the correct lighting for your photography and video needs…

Without breaking the bank!

Building out a home start of the studio or entering into the world of portrait photos, product shoots, wedding photography…

Even stepping onto the scene as a YouTuber or Instagram influencer means that the lighting on your scene is going to make or break your project.

With over 20 years experience as an amateur photographer and videographer I can tell you that lighting is everything. I can also tell you that you don't need to spend an arm and a leg to get the right lighting for your particular shot…

And that's the entire point of this site. To help you find the right lights, the right lighting set up in the correct "how to" light your shot trainings that you need.

Amazon is awash with terrible products and millions of fake reviews…

From knockoff's being sold as pro gear or cheapo lighting kits taking five weeks to ship from China, it's a veritable minefield out there.

What we do:

Our top priority is to help you find the correct lights for your specific needs so you can produce photographs you and your clients will be proud of.

My team and I have been through thousands of dollars in lighting gear and sometimes the best workhorse strobes or soft boxes were not the fancy expensive ones from B&H photo.

So we are here to help you find the signal from within the noise…

But this all takes time and money to put this content out here on this site…

Plus we often find ourselves purchasing more lights just to test them and create new reviews.

So how do we make our money? is user supported by visitors like you!

Now you don't have to pay anything for our expert advice… This is a side project that we work on when we aren't spending time behind the lens.

We use affiliate marketing which means we earn a commission when you click through our links and purchase your new lighting equipment based on our reviews.

You pay the exact same amount and the merchant, whether it is B&H photo video, Amazon, etc. pays us a commission for helping them generate a sale.

Do commissions impact our lighting recommendations?

Absolutely not! The one thing we refuse to compromise is the quality and integrity of our recommendations.

If we recommend a hardware store floodlight that costs seven dollars instead of the $299.99 option, that's because we've tested it in the field and it actually works better for us…

Which is why we believe it's the right option for you in that scenario.

The top choices we offer throught the posts here are based on extensive research by our team of experts.

With a vast network in the world of photography we often interview our photog friends to find out what their favorite gear is and to get the inside scoop on what gear of theirs has held up through years of being tossed in their camera bags.

Anytime we have an option to recommend a lower price product that will last for a lifetime and save you money, we will recommend that cheaper lighting!

Even when it means we earn a lower commission…

Because our mission is to help you get the right gear that fits your budget every time…

And we know you'd rather buy another lens instead of paying twice as much for the lighting to get the job done…

Do We Get Paid To Recommend Specific Lighting Kits?

Never. This is my promise to you regarding sponsored posts. We don't accept them, we don't consider them and we will never promote products we don't believe are the absolute best value.

There are too many "white labeled products" designed to look like pro gear and they pay website owners for praise that is not merited.

Our philosophy is that doing the job of helping you get the right here every time will result in us growing a happy fan base of repeat visitors.

That long-term vision of being the most helpful photography lighting website on the Internet is what drives us!

Compromising that vision for a sponsor post is not an option.

Have more questions?

If you have any other specific questions about how we review our products feel free to click the contact link and fill out the contact form to get in touch anytime.

Happy shooting!