Give Your Clients the Perfect Shot They Deserve

Whether you are a professional photographer, an up and coming influencer, and Instagram enthusiast, or an animal lover wanting to show off your pets…

The quality of your lighting is make or break for photography.

And the quality of your lighting is directly related to your photography lighting gear.

Despite all of the incredible tools available today like Photoshop and Canva, it is nearly impossible to “improve” a photo that was taken in crappy lighting that creates shadows, blowouts, and out of focus faces...

The Moment The Photo Is Taken Is Everything

This is why having the right photography lighting equipment for the job is EXTREMELY important.

And that's precisely why we've created photography-lighting.

The quality of your flashes, softboxes, stands, filters, and light modifiers are what make your photos look professional and in many cases usable for your final production. 

This website was started by…...

From Instagram posts to modeling shoots… to hitting the open road and diving into nature photography.

From live music photography to fashion shoots and more...

There was no trustworthy resource to help us find the budget-friendly and extremely high-quality photography lighting gear we use professionally to this day…` 

Sure, there are a ton of angry discussions from ‘professional’ photographers about why every light or softbox sucks on the most common gear forums…

But for normal people, these types of bickering and arguing over which piece of equipment is best serves no purpose.

You need a quick and honest review of the best photography lighting equipment for your situation, whether you are searching for the best video lighting kits, the best ring light, or simply looking for photography tips.

So we decided to dig through our current photography lighting equipment we use for taking photos all the time… We decided to compare them to the gear we’ve tried in the past… We’ve even consulted with our other photography professionals to get their opinions...

The mission is to make sure you have access to the most trustworthy photography lighting gear reviews found online…

So you find the exact photography lighting setup for your specific needs and move on to creating epic videos and photos your audience will love!

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