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This post was most recently updated on January 21st, 2024.

Whether you’ve been in the game for a while or you’re just starting out, flashes and speed lights can be just as expensive as your camera!

Which can be a real pain considering you usually have to buy multiple for different needs!

Enter Godox, a trusted brand that produces dozens of flashes and speedlights for all kinds of cameras.

You want one specifically for Nikon? Done.

How about one that really makes the subject in pop in microphotography? There’s one for that too.

There’s no need to be limited by your price range with Godox making products ranging from dirt cheap and into the stratosphere.

So if you know your photography goals and which features will help you achieve them, Godox makes a flash or a speedlight for it.

Check out which one will get you there with these picks for any occasion.

Top 15 Godox FLash and Speedlights

Best Godox Flashes

Editor’s PickBrand
Best Godox Studio FlashGodox AD600Pro
Best Budget godox flashGodox SL-200W
Best Godox ring flashGodox ML-150
Best Godox pocket flashGodox AD200Pro
Best Godox ttl Flash for CanonGodox V860II-C E-TTL HSS
Best Godox ttl Flash for NikonGodox V860II-N I-TTL GN60
Best Godox ttl Flash for SonyGodox V860II-S High-Speed Sync
Best Godox ttl Flash for FujiGodox V860II-F GN60
Godox wireless Flash TriggerGodox Xpro wireless flash trigger


Best Godox Speedlights

Editor’s PickBrand
Best Godox SpeedlightGodox V1
Best Budget SpeedlightGodox TT520II
Best Godox Speedlight for CanonGodox V1-C
Best Godox Speedlight for NikonGodox V1-N with Godox AK-R1
Best Godox Speedlight for SonyGodox V1-S with Accessories Kit for Sony
Best Godox Speedlight for FujiGodox V1-F with PERGEAR Filters Kit

Best Godox Studio Flash: Godox AD600Pro

Godox AD600Pro
The AD600 Pro is perfect for all your studio needs. With a megawatt flash output and tons of control, you couldn’t ask for more.

The AD600Pro is just what it sounds like, a flash for a pro.

Its long-lasting battery guarantees 360 flashes on a full charge so you’ll be done for the day long before this flash is.

Plus, it allows for premium control with 3 ⅓ stop increments.

These increments mean that you can tone down the flash or amp it up for nuanced changes.

Changes that help when natural and the fluorescent lights interact in ways you can’t even see through your camera.

This can affect the hue of skin tone or cast color shadows.

To best combat this annoying interplay, the AD600Pro has a color accurate mode, making sure that your 5600K color will stay accurate ± 75K no matter its charge.

And its 38W LED modelling light will show just how your flash will play before your shot!

You won’t have to sacrifice speed for any of these features, either.

The flash recycle time ranges from .01 to .9 seconds, so it’ll be ready for the next flash when you are.

Importantly, the menu and settings flow is intuitive and easy to follow. You won’t spend extra time pouring over the manual!

Usability, speed, control, and accuracy are all a sure thing with this flash!

Key Features of the AD600Pro:

  • 5600K (±75K)
  • ⅓ stop increments
  • Recycle Time: 0.01 to 0.9 Sec

Best Budget Godox flash: Godox SL-200W

Godox SL-200W
Looking to spend a lot less, the SL-200W is a great strobe light for those who are budget-conscious and don’t want their photography to take a hit.

You ask a lot of your camera, but you don’t want it to crap out on you when you work it too hard.

Some (lesser) flashes will act up when overheated after lots of use, causing misfires and a bad time for all.

Not so with the affordable SL-200W. It’s the best budget Godox flash because of its temperature-control functions that keep it from overheating, and many more reasons.

With 6 groups and 16 channels to reduce interference, you won’t have to worry about constantly going over to the strobe because it allows you to wirelessly adjust the light brightness.

And with a color rendering index of 95, it’s one of the best LEDs on the market..

It’s also compatible with most of your accessories already e.g. softboxes and diffusers.

Also pretty handy is its large-sized LCD-panel for convenience, especially since it saves your settings for you.

That frees you up to use this strobe in more creative fashions since it comes with 4 color gels, letting you play with the impact of different colors on your subject.

If you’re looking for variety, ease, and reliability at the right price, the Godox SL-200W may be your perfect match.

Key Features of the SL-200W:

  • 4 color gels
  • 95 color rendering
  • Temperature control

Best Godox ring flash: Godox ML-150

Godox ML-150
This ring flash is light, quick, and perfect for shooting all kinds of macro level photography and more. Check out the ML-150!

Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus. What do they have in common? They’ll work with the ML-150!

That’s great because you did not spend hundreds (maybe thousands) on your camera just so the flashes you bought wouldn’t be DLSR compatible.

It’s light, you’ll barely notice the weight added onto your flash.

And it’s super easy to install, with different adapters so you can use it on a wide variety of brands.

This ring flash is also perfect for macro photography, as the flash provides more even illumination because the ring is closer to the lens.

It also provides you with a lot of control, since it has five steps of power output.

So you can change the flash in more nuanced ways to capture your ideal shot.

It can be powered both by easy to find double-A batteries or you can use an external power source.

This will help you cut down on your recycle times and enhance the flash if you’re in a position to use something other than a charge.

No matter what though, it’s recharge time is quick and this ring flash won’t slow you down when you’re shooting up close and personal!

Key Features of the ML-150:

  • 1.5 lbs
  • 5 steps power output control
  • DLSR compatible with popular brands

Best Godox Pocket Flash: Godox AD200Pro

02/24/2024 08:53 pm GMT

The AD200 is big, it’s powerful, and it’ll shine its bright 200Wps on any subject.

That will eliminate unflattering shadows, add depth to overly bright spaces, and help with contrast.

With its hybrid capabilities comes the ability to use it as a speedlight or a strobe, if you need it for a continuous light source instead.

The flash runs on a rechargeable lithium ion battery which provides 500 flashes.

And with a flash time of .01 to 1.8 seconds you’ll keep shooting all through the day and night, no need to slow down.

Graduation can make a real difference with flashes and this one has 9 power output levels.

So if you’re noting a glare or shift in shadow, you can adjust it accordingly.

It has lots of helpful features like the battery alert (not annoying though) at 30 minutes so you know how much time you’ve got left on a charge.

And the wireless trigger system lets you trigger up to 100 meters!

No more running frantic back and forth for you!

And if you’re used to working in the bright and direct sunlight, the strobe light function will help you out a lot more than the speedlight.

No matter what you want to use it for, the power and versatility of this light will come in handy.

Key Features of the AD200Pro:

  • 200Wps
  • Hybrid flash
  • .01 to 1.8 recycle time

Best Godox ttl Flash for Canon: Godox V860II-C E-TTL HSS

Godox V860II-Canon
Need a powerful but quick flash for Canon? The V86II will check all your boxes with reliability and style.

Canon makes excellent hardware, but maybe on the pricey side if you’re just looking for some quality accessories like a flash.

That’s where the V86II comes in.

This speedlight supports all the flash functions on your favorite Canon be it manual or HSS.

It can do all that from 100m on its wireless triggering system, letting you be anywhere and everywhere you need to be.

This snazzy flash has a lithium ion battery that will get you 650 flashes on a full battery.

So you can get maximum usage out of your Canon with this flash!

And because of its flash being battery powered, it has a much faster recycle time from .1 seconds capping out at 1.5 seconds.

If you’re doing indoor events with minimal lighting, this flash is great with low lighting photography using slower shutter speeds.

And, most importantly, it has 22 levels of power output!

That control is instrumental if you’re trying to take your photography from merely good to amazing!

A big help is the visibility of the big LCD display. The interface itself is intuitive and the settings are easy to navigate.

So you can focus on your subject instead of trying to hassle with incomprehensible menus.

You want simple and powerful, you couldn’t get any better than this Canon-compatible flash.

Key Features of the V860II for Canon:

  • Clear LCD display
  • 22 levels of power output
  • 100m wireless trigger distance

Best Godox ttl Flash for Nikon: Godox V860II-N I-TTL GN60

Godox V860II-N I-TTL GN60
TheV86II flash for Nikon is the perfect partner for your best Nikon. Quick, powerful, and easy, you can’t go wrong.

This speedlight helps your Nikon be the best Nikon it can be.

It can do all the flash functions from HSS to exposure compensation, making sure you don’t lose any of the features you like about your Nikon.

The rechargeable lithium ion battery gets up to 650 flashes on a full charge!

Plus, the 2.4G wireless trigger system makes it so you can do all that from up to 100m, so with the press of a button you can trigger your flash from afar!

And it has a very quick recycle time of .1 to 1.5 seconds!

And if you’re looking for finite differences in your flash for maximum variety, you couldn’t ask for better than this flash’s 22 levels of power output.

You can make the most of even the most bland environment by varying your flash and changing the power level a dozen times over and still have more options!

With that versatility and speed, prepare to take your photography to the next level!

Key Features of the V860II for Nikon:

  • 650 flashes
  • 22 power levels
  • .1 to 1.5 seconds recycle time

Best Godox ttl Flash for Sony: Godox V860II-S High-Speed Sync

Godox V860II-Sony
The V86II flash is the perfect partner for your Sony camera, able to keep up with its speed and oomph.

It shouldn’t be hard to find a great flash to go with your impressive camera.

So the V86II is a life saver if you want to see what your camera can do with an assist from a great flash!

Unlike some flashes, this supports manual and auto zoom so you can really get close to your subjects or if you need to do so from afar.

That being said, you can do all that from 100m away with the wireless trigger system.

And the flash’s lithium ion battery will get you 650 flashes on a full battery.

That way you can get the most out of your Sony!

It’s flash recycle time is .1 to 1.5 seconds, so you can shoot all night long and your flash will keep up.

Considering it’s 22 levels of power output, you can really control the power of your flash down to the smallest detail!

The coup de grace though is its usability. The LCD screen is super easy to read with menus that won’t throw you for a loop.

It also comes with a bag, a mini stand, and a softbox! So you’re all set right out of the box!

All of these features are sure to keep you focused on your subject instead of your flash!

Key Features of the V860II for Sony:

  • Comes with softbox, bag, and mini stand
  • Clear LCD screen
  • 22 levels of power output

Best Godox ttl Flash for Fuji: Godox V860II-F GN60

Godox V860II-F GN60
Step up your Fuji game with the V86II to make the most of your Fuji’s great features and speed!

All your photography equipment should work in harmony and make the best of the rest.

The V86II does just that with your quality Fuji camera, letting you use its existing features with the best kind of control.

This flash has 22 levels of power output, letting you do the most you can with even the least versatile setting and subject.

You can turn it up or tone it down based on the smallest differences in your flash with this one!

Plus it can do all that from 100m away with its wireless trigger system.

And you can do it as much from far away as you want with 650 flashes on a charge!

Its flash time is also really quick to boost your number of shots by allowing you little to no time between flashes at .1 to 1.5 seconds!

And as is super helpful for any photographer, the big LCD display is clear to read. The interface itself is intuitive and the settings are easy to navigate.

That way your sole focus will be your subject and elevating your photography!

If you want premium control and the ability to make the most of your Fuji, this is the flash for you!

Key Features of the V860II for Fuji:

  • LCD display
  • 650 flashes
  • Recycle time of .1 to 1.5 seconds

Godox wireless Flash Trigger: Godox Xpro wireless flash trigger

Available for all your major brands (Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Sony) the Xpro wireless trigger is just what you need to get your flash working even when you’re not near it.

Like any quality flash support device, it works with most of your flash functions from HSS to autoflash so you can use your flash just like you’re used to.

And if the master and slave units are synced up, you can avoid interference issues altogether.

It also lets you see exactly what you’re doing on the large LCD display.

So you won’t fumble through menus you can barely read and superfluous settings.

Plus, the few buttons it does have are important and clearly-labeled.

Giving you maximum control of 16 groups across 32 wireless channels, you can see and remotely trigger several different flash units at once.

Plus, you can view 5 different units simultaneously.

Large, but surprisingly light and compact, this won’t add much in the way of weight to your gear!

With features like independent zooming and TTL to manual conversion, this wireless trigger system will really expand your capabilities in the studio and in the field!

Key Features of the Xpro Wireless:

  • 16 groups
  • 32 channels
  • 5 visible units on-screen

Best Godox Speedlight: Godox V1

Easy to use, powerful, and compatible with name brands, the V1 is the ideal speedlight.

It’ll come in handy for long shoots with 480 flashes on a full battery.

And its power-saving mechanism maximizes that – turning off 90 seconds with no use and 60 minutes if you’re using it as a slave.

A flash recycle time of 1.5 seconds means it can keep pace with the quickest photographer!

Not to mention the transmission range is 100m across 32 different channels.

You’re sure to trigger remotely without any interference from other channels.

And its round flash head makes the light more even and softer, perfect for wedding or studio photography!

The 2W LED modeling lamp will really eliminate the need for multiple shots by letting you see just how the light lands on your subject!

This flash comes with a zoom head for auto or manual zoom functions with 330 degrees of rotation and 120+ degrees of tilt.

This hot-shoe flash is easy to use with a quick lock function and intuitive menus on the LCD display.

That display is backlit for night events or occasions where there’s less ambient light for you!

The quick magnetic mount supports other Godox accessories like a diffuser, diffuser plate, a 4-wing reflector, and color filters to name a few.

Key Features of the V1:

  • LCD display
  • 2W modeling lamp
  • Power-saving capabilities

Best Budget Speedlight: Godox TT520II

Godox TT520II
If you want something reliable in your value pick, the TT520II delivers on quality without a painful price tag.

The TT520II works perfectly with multiple brands, so when you get it for this low price, you can be sure it’s compatible with whatever equipment you have already!

Complete with 8 levels of flash output, you’ll have your money shots in no time.

Those different levels let you account for the smallest imperfection. Too much power? Just turn it down by the smallest increment and you’ll find your sweet spot.

Requiring just 4 AA batteries, a full charge should last you well over 200 flashes.

And its power-saving mechanism will help conserve your battery to make it last.

That same mechanism also helps prevent overheating, a common problem if you’re shooting fast over a short span of time.

Which you will be doing since its recycle time is from .1 to 2.6 seconds!

Its wireless triggering only allows for 15m, but that is over 16 channels.

Worse comes to worse, for this price you can buy 3 to poise at different distances and still not spend as much as you would on a bigger speedlight!

Complete with the flash, transmitter, bag, ministand, a diffuser plus a filter, this budget option is ideal for anyone wanting to have a quality speedlight at a startlingly low price.

Key Features of the TT520II:

  • 15m trigger
  • 8 levels of flash
  • .1 to 2.6 recycle time

Best Godox Speedlight for Canon: Godox V1-C

Godox V1-C for Canon
Hands down the best Godox speedlight for any of your Canon hardware is the V1, complete with lots of power and speed to boot!

It does not get any better than the V1-C for your Canon photography gear. Its speed and battery life are undisputed for your Canon.

Since its recycle time is max 1.5 seconds, this speedlight will keep going and going just like the Energizer bunny.

You can use that to the max on up to 480 flashes on a full battery, too.

Not to mention the flash itself maximizes that battery life with its power-saving function, turning off with 90 seconds of inactivity.

You may be using it as a slave, and don’t worry if you are. It won’t randomly turn off during your shoot. That slave function extends the power save option to 60 minutes of inactivity!

The 2W modeling lamp comes in handy when you’re trying out the effect of your flash.

Whether from up close or gauging it from a distance, the wireless trigger works up to 100m away.

And that transmits across 32 different channels so if you’re at a crowded event, you won’t have to worry about interference!

So whether you’re a wedding photographer or a travel photographer, you’re sure to get something out of this great Godox speedlight for Canon!

Key Features of the V1-C:

  • 2W modeling lamp
  • 100m trigger distance
  • Power-saving capabilities

Best Godox Speedlight for Nikon: Godox V1-N with Godox AK-R1

Godox V1-N with Godox AK-R1 for Nikon
Great for any occasion, the V1 for Nikon will take your photography to the next level with quality and speed on your side!

You’ve already got a sweet Nikon set-up and you want something that integrates perfectly.

The V1 for Nikon fills that need perfectly.

With its intuitive interface, easy menus, and even easier to read LCD display, you can have this speedlight figured out and working with your Nikon in no time!

The flash itself has zoom capabilities with 330 degrees of rotation and 120+ degrees of tilt.

So you can basically extend the zoom capabilities of your already-great camera with this flash!

It’s got a quick recycle time of 1.5 seconds, letting you flash shot after shot without a handicap.

Plus, the round flash head provides a uniquely even light and a softer flash, to keep your subject from looking washed out or discolored.

You can get up to 480 flashes out of this speedlight, so you won’t ever have to stop!

And just to make that last even longer, its power-saving mechanism turns the flash off after 60 seconds of inactivity.

The magnetic mount also works with other Godox accessories you may already have like a diffuser or color filters to give you more variety.

This speedlight is easy to lock in and even easier to use! Perfect for anyone outfitting their Nikon gear!

Key Features of the V1-N:

  • 480 flashes
  • LCD display
  • Power-saving capabilities

Best Godox Speedlight for Sony: Godox V1-S with Accessories Kit for Sony

Godox V1-S with Accessories Kit for Sony
Perfect for any Sony tech you have, this V1 has the control and speed you look for in a speedlight.

Compatible for any of your Sony tech, the V1 and its accessories will get you far.

Its 10W modeling lamp is a very handy feature, helpful in determining the effect of your flash across one or multiple subjects.

With 76W itself, this speedlight will help you illuminate subjects with too much shadow cast on them or provide subtle contrast.

It will do it in a pretty subtle way, considering its round flash head is softer than most.

Complete with a 2W LED modeling lamp, you can test out your flash too!

You can trigger this speedlight remotely across 32 wireless channels from up to 100m away.

This speedlight can be far away from you and you still have all its power at your fingertips.

It’s easy to use with a quick-lock function that snaps it in place and you can work from one of its intuitive menus instantly.

Those menus appear on a very stream-lined LCD display, backlit for all times, day or night.

Coming in with some helpful Godox specs like its battery that lasts up to 480 flashes and its minimal recycle time of 1.5 seconds, this flash will get you far.

Key Features of the V1-S:

  • LCD display
  • 2W modeling lamp
  • 100m trigger distance

Best Godox Speedlight for Fuji: Godox V1-F with PERGEAR Filters Kit

Godox V1-F with PERGEAR Filters Kit for Fuji
Solidly-built, the V1 is a speedlight with reliable TTL functions that will work for your Fuji gear.

It has everything you could ever want from a speedlight, from an extended battery life to a quick recycle time to make your gigs easier when you’re using your Fuji.

That recycle time is 1.5 seconds so shooting shot after shot will be a breeze.

Equipped with up to 480 flashes on a full charge, this speedlight will keep going long after your shoot is done.

Plus, it has some cool power-saving technique that turns it off after 60 seconds so you’re not wasting any of your power.

Waste not want not, you won’t use any extra shots for trial and error with this speedlight’s LED modeling lamp.

That way you always know what your flash is doing!

And you can do all that from up to 100m away with its wireless transmission triggering!

Easy menus and straight-forward settings make it so you can focus on your lighting instead of how to use your gear!

Complete with a quick lock mechanism which secures the flash easily, you can just hear it snap in place and you’re good to go!

Easy to use, easy to lock in, and easy to see with its LCD display which is a real plus if you’re working at night or in dark spaces. You can’t get much better than this speedlight for Fuji.

Key Features of the V1-F:

  • LCD display
  • 100m transmission
  • 2W modeling lamp


Choosing your next flash or speedlight doesn’t have to be hard, especially if you already know you want a premium brand like Godox.

So whether you’re looking for a bright screen for dark events, a long battery life for even longer shoots, or think a hybrid strobe/speedlight will come in handy, Godox made it just for you!

So go smash the limitations of natural light or venue lighting with the best Godox pick for you!