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This post was most recently updated on January 21st, 2024.

There are a tonne of great photography lighting solutions available; but there’s a problem when looking for the best lighting for boudoir photography.

Most lighting solutions aren’t explicitly marketed for this genre of photoshoot.

Don’t worry; we’ve got you.

Today, you’re going to learn about epic lighting options for your boudoir photography.

Let’s dive in.

Best Lighting for Boudoir Photography

Editor’s PickBrand
Best light for boudoir photographyElinchrom Indirect Octa Softbox
Best bang for the buck for lightingGodox SL60W Kit
Best cheap light for boudoir photographyMOUNTDOG Continuous Lighting Kit
Best lighting kit for boudoir photographyGodox SK400II 3x 400Ws with gear
Best cheap lighting kit for boudoir photographyNeewer Bi-Color Dimmable LED Softbox Kit
Best low-key light for boudoir photographyGodox V860II-S High-Speed Kit

Best Light for Boudoir Photography: Elinchrom Indirect Octa Softbox

Elinchrom Indirect Litemotiv Octa Softbox
A premium lighting flash unit kit for boudoir photography with a unique remote-control system.

The Elinchrom Indirect Octa Softbox is the best light for boudoir photography because it’s an all-in-one lighting solution that eliminates hot spots to produce perfectly even photos.

The use of a perfectly designed softbox like this one ensures that the light in your shot is evenly spread, soft, and diffused, perfect for creating that sultry boudoir shot.

The light unit that is included is Elinchrom’s ELC500, which has a power output of, you guessed it, 500W. 522 watts to be precise, but we’ll let that slide for the sake of a sleeker name.

That’s a massive light output, so you’ll be able to achieve some highly lit shots, but the great news is you can dim the light as far downs as 7 watts to achieve a more subdued and moody photo (which you’ll no doubt be aiming for a lot).

You can also remove the external diffuser to snap boudoir shots with higher contrast. While you should take care not to place a softbox too close to the subject, the Elinchrom Octa softbox is an exception.

Even if you set it very close to your model, the Elinchrom Indirect Octa Softbox can still produce even and soft light by using the 360-degree rotating system to find the best angle.

Key Features of the Elinchrom Indirect Octa Softbox:

  • Can be rotated for up to 360 degrees
  • Portable and lightweight for quick setup while on the go
  • EL-Sky port remote system for complete control of your flash
  • Removable external diffuser to snap photos with higher contrast

Best Bang for the Buck Lighting for Boudoir: Godox SL60W Kit

Godox SL60W Kit
A mid-end continuous LED lighting for boudoir pictures, the Godox SL60W Kit is also perfect for outdoor shoots!

The Godox SL60W Kit is the best bang for your buck because of its decent output for boudoir photography, an efficient remote-control system, and a precise color scheme.

The SL60W comes with a durable LED bead that produces 60W of continuous and stable light, even in an outdoor setting. Plus, you can expect an excellent color rendering index (CRI) of more than 95. That means you’ll produce more accurate colors in your images.

This makes it a versatile option for photographers who prefer lighting equipment for most applications.

What’s more, the no-flash setting is great for a young one’s eyes. You also don’t need to worry about overheated equipment with an installed temperature-control function for the LED bead.

Be aware, though, that 60 watts of power may not be enough if you need a main light source for portraits.

Still, the Godox SL60W Kit is a great choice for additional fill light, even for video shoots.

Key Features of the Godox SL60W Kit:

  • Can be used for outdoor photos
  • 60w of continuous and stable LED power
  • Temperature control to prevent overheating
  • No-flash setting that’s perfect for baby pictures

Best Cheap Light for Boudoir Photography: MOUNTDOG Continuous Lighting Kit

MOUNTDOG Continuous Lighting Kit
This kit costs less than 50 bucks but comes with a 12-month warranty, high-quality silver film, and an adjustable tripod!

Next on our list is a very affordable continuous lighting kit.

The MOUNTDOG Continuous Lighting Kit is the best cheap light for boudoir photography because, for less than $50, you’ll get everything you need for an epic boudoir shoot: 2x CFL bulbs, a lighting stand, a softbox, and even a handy bag to carry it all in.

That softbox is incredibly important, as it helps to diffuse the light from the 95W and ensures the lighting on your model is soft as hell.

Who says you can’t take glamorous boudoir shots for a fraction of the cost?

Now, you might be thinking about your utility bills with the power of these bulbs. Not to worry, as the MOUNTDOG kit promises to save energy consumption by up 80%!

The bulbs can also provide up to 8,000 hours of continuous lighting.

You’ll also get a high-quality softbox that measures 20in x 28 in. The light reflector is made of durable silver film to create soft light and get rid of shadows.

Rest assured that the MOUNTDOG Continuous Lighting Kit will go the distance as it comes with a 12-month warranty that sweetens the deal for this very affordable lighting kit.

Key Features MOUNTDOG Continuous Lighting Kit:

  • 12-month warranty for returns or refunds
  • Light-stand tripod with an adjustable height
  • Comes with a 20 x 28in silver film with nylon white screen
  • Adjustable angles for softbox lighting for up to 210 degrees

Best Lighting Kit for Boudoir Photography: Godox SK400II 3x 400Ws with gear

Godox SK400II 3x 400Ws with gear
A sturdy lighting kit designed for photographers who want to get up and running quickly, the Godox SK400II is perfect for boudoir photography in any location!

The Godox SK400II 3x 400Ws with gear is the best lighting kit for boudoir photography because of its incredible durable build quality and 40 levels of output.

Each of the lights is 400W, meaning they can get pretty bright, but you can also dim them as far down as 1/16 output for a moodier, more seductive boudoir shot.

Despite being both compact and lightweight, the SK400II light units are incredibly strong and can easily withstand a few bumps and the rigors of constantly relocating your lighting rig.

Obviously, you don’t want to be throwing these lights around, but you want to know that if they do take a knock or two, they’re going to be okay.

You can use the kit for more than just the best lighting for boudoir photography. If you’re in the business of e-commerce product and lifestyle photography, then this one’s a keeper.

The Godox SK400II 3x 400Ws with gear also comes with a user-friendly navigation menu. You don’t have to scratch your head while looking for different settings. The LCD panel allows you to change the output quickly in between shoots.

Key Features of the Godox SK400II 3x 400Ws with gear:

  • Better functionality with a built-in 2.4G Wireless X system
  • Multifunctional use for boudoir, e-commerce, portrait, and lifestyle photos
  • Adjustable modeling lamp (between 5% and 100% of its 150 watts of power)

Best Cheap Lighting Kit for Boudoir Photography: Neewer Bi-Color Dimmable LED Softbox Kit

Neewer Bi-Color Dimmable LED Softbox Kit
This is a reasonably priced kit with a two-color temperature scheme, which is nice to have when attempting to set the best lighting for boudoir photography.

With two different types of LEDs in the light panel, you can achieve either a daylight-esque 5500K or a super warm and mellow 2700K. The latter is perfect for boudoir shoots, as it creates that dreamy and sultry orange tone which makes the Neewer Bi-Color Dimmable LED Softbox Kit the best cheap kit for boudoir photography.

You’ll also get two light stands, power adapters and cables, softboxes, and a carry bag.

Take note, however, that the kit’s CRI ranges between 85 and 90.

In other words, don’t expect to have a very accurate color rendering output.

But for amateur and intermediate-level photographers, the Neewer Bi-Color Dimmable LED Softbox Kit is the best choice because of everything you’ll get for less than $140.

Key Features of the Neewer Bi-Color Dimmable LED Softbox Kit:

  • Softboxes made of premium nylon
  • Two 45W bulbs with adjustable brightness between 1% and 100%
  • Light-stand equipment with three-leg design and secure lock system
  • Two-color temperature (2700K and 5500K) for shooting photos and videos

Best low-key light for Boudoir Photography: Godox V860II-S High-Speed Kit

Godox V860II-S High-Speed Kit
A flash unit with a high-speed sync mode (up to 1/8000 seconds), uniform brightness, and a stable output for low-key light.

Low-key lighting in photography is always a challenge, sometimes even for experienced professionals.

What is a low-key image anyway?

Low-key photos portray a mysterious vibe after using predominantly black or dark tones. You’ll need a high-quality flash to achieve this effect.

The Godox V860II-S High-Speed Kit is the best low-key lighting for boudoir photography because it offers a massive 22 steps of power output, meaning you can dial the light output down to the perfect level for low-key photos.

The flash unit can deliver uniform brightness and stable output with its high-speed sync mode of up to 1/8000 seconds.

Similar to the Godox SK400II, the Godox V860II-S kit also has a built-in 2.4G Wireless X system. It supports continuous flashes with a maximum recycling time of 1.5 seconds.

The only downside that we can think about this speedlight kit is limited compatibility with cameras. You can only use it for Sony DSLR Cameras (TTL AutoFlash).

The master and slave flash settings still make this kit as the best choice for low-key boudoir photos. You can use it as a main speedlight unit or as a secondary light source.

Don’t worry about being burned after using the flash unit for quite some time.

The Godox V860II-S High-Speed Kit’s overheating protection keeps you safe and always ready. Plus, the Li-ion battery packs 2,000mah of portable power.

Key Features of the Godox V860II-S High-Speed Kit:

  • Built-in 2.4G Wireless X system
  • Can be updated via USB firmware
  • Broad color temperature (5600±200k)
  • High-speed sync mode of up to 1/8000 seconds


How Do I Start DIY Lighting for Boudoir Photography?

Here’s what you need to do to start DIY lighting for boudoir photography:

  • Get a kit like the Neewer Bi-Color Dimmable LED Softbox Kit
  • Position the softbox pointing down at a 45-degree angle
  • Dial the color temperature and brightness down to a warm, mellow light
  • Take your shot!

How Do I Use Light Reflectors for Boudoir Photography?

For boudoir photography, you’ll probably want to use a gold light reflector for it’s warm properties.

Position the lighting kit on one side of your model, pointed across and slightly toward the subject. Position your reflector on the opposite side, and determine the angle required for your shot.

And you’re done!


Boudoir pictures can tell the same story in so many different ways. They don’t always have to be sexy, although sultry photos should evoke a classy and elegant vibe.

Don’t waste any more of your time by looking for other options. The products on our list cater to every budget and purpose.

Now that you’ve found the right equipment to create the best lighting for boudoir photography order now and put your hands to work!