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This post was most recently updated on January 21st, 2024.

You have a great camera, a beautiful subject, and a good background.

You’ve got everything you need to create gorgeous portraits. Right?


You can have the best of all those other factors, but perfect lighting may be the most important element in portrait photography. Even more important than the subject or location.


Your lights determine obvious factors such as brightness and darkness. But it also shapes the vibe of the photo through the textures and layers lighting can create.

That’s why investing in the best lights will set you apart from amateurs and ensure you have awesome portrait photos, which will lead to more followers, clients and revenue.

And personal satisfaction!

From budget lighting to the best studio kits, you’ll find your perfect fit in this list of best lights for portrait photography.

Let’s get to it.

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Best Lighting for Portrait Photography

Best Lighting for Portrait Photography

Best Light for Portrait Photography: Godox AD600Pro

Godox AD600Pro
When it comes to shooting portraits, you need something versatile. The Godox AD600Pro will give you killer lighting, anywhere, anytime.

When you create portraits you always strive to capture the subject at their best. Good lighting can help you with that.

The Godox AD600Pro is a force to be reckoned with. It’s come up as our best light for portrait photography.

Wanna know why?

Firstly, it’s super versatile. It’s compatible with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic and most other big brand cameras. What makes that even better is that it also works wirelessly.

Operating over a 2.4G wireless transmission, you can place this at the perfect angle and trigger the light from your camera, or the included remote. This works over a 100m range, not that you’d ever be shooting from that distance.

But… you never know!

The light operates at a 5600k color temperature and maintains a very stable temperature. This offers you consistent lighting temperature even on those longer shoots.

The flash duration can be set from 1/220 right up to 1/10100 and you can set a delay of 0.01 seconds right up to 30 seconds for those long exposure shots.

What about the refresh rate?

Godox AD600Pro has you covered there. The lithium battery pack offers you, when fully charged, 360 full power flashes (even more on lower power settings!) with a refresh rate of 0.01-0.9 seconds.

Even the most trigger happy photographers won’t struggle with this rate.

Key Features of the Godox AD600Pro

  • Fan cooled to prevent overheating
  • Operate your flash wirelessly within a 100m range
  • Works from included AC power supply or rechargeable battery pack
  • Consistent and stable 5600K color temperature

Best Bang for the Buck: Godox AD600BM

I know what you’re thinking.

Bang for buck and huge feature sets are phrases that often don’t sit well together. There has to be a catch, right?

No, there is no catch here.

Godox always comes through for photographers in their hour of need. The AD600BM is like the slightly smaller, lower priced version of our best pick: the Godox AD600Pro.

Offering up a similar feature set with maximum buck bang thrown in for good measure.

You still get the consistent 5600K lighting temperature, 2.4G wireless setup, 9 step power adjustment and a large capacity, rechargeable battery pack.

In fact… this one actually gives you 500 full power flashes on a full charge compared to the AD600Pro’s offering of 360 flashes.

The Godox AD600BM offers up to 600w of power, which makes it a great choice for outdoor use. Outdoor lighting can be a challenge, but with this much power you can certainly make it work out well.

It’s fast too. It has a 0.01-2.5s recharge speed and works wirelessly over an 80m range. This is great if you want to shoot outdoors or in a big space and want to move around a lot.

Key Features of the Godox AD600BM

  • Fan cooled to prevent overheating
  • Operate your flash wirelessly within a 100m range
  • Works from included AC power supply or rechargeable battery pack
  • Consistent and stable 5600K color temperature

Best Cheap Portrait Photography Light: Neewer 3 Packs LED Softbox Lighting Kit

IVISII Ring Light

There are some settings where a ring light is a better option, and when you need the best ring light for tattoos, the IVISII is your go-to choice.

Ring lights are so easy to use. You’ll love one if you shoot close up portraits.

The great thing is the design. It allows light to be evenly distributed around the whole face while you shoot through the center of the ring.

Genius right?

The IVISII goes one step further though. It doesn’t just give you light. It gives you options.

High brightness with an adjustable color temperature anywhere from 3000K up to 5800K. This is a pretty wide range of warmth and cold to apply to your subject. Whatever setting you’re working in, you can dial in the perfect lighting tone.

The LCD display shows you your exact brightness and temperature settings and you can wirelessly adjust this with the included remote which runs on it’s own 2.4G wireless system.

The IVISII ring light also has a hot shoe adapter built in so you can mount your camera or smartphone in the center of the ring for steady shots. This is also really useful if you like to self-shoot your own portraits from time to time.

If you decide to expand your setup, the wireless remote can also control multiple ring light units at the same time. Perfect if you decide to set up a multi point ring light setup at any time.

Key Features of the IVISII Ring Light

  • 3000K-5800K adjustable color temperature to suit all moods
  • Adjustable brightness levels
  • LCD display shows clear brightness and color temperature readings
  • LEDs give more than 50000hrs of use

Best LED Lighting for Portrait Photography: Profoto B10 AirTTL

So, let me get this straight…

You want professional looking LED lighting, but you can’t spend more than $200?

Gotcha… well here’s the good news.

Neewer provides the best portrait LED lights for under $200 in the form of their LED Softbox Lighting Kit.

How cool is that?

Here’s something else cool, this price is for a PAIR. You get two, yeah that’s right, two LED light heads. These lightheads are bi-color temperature so you can switch between 3200K and 5600K.

You can also use the built in dimmers to go from 1% brightness right up to 100%. So whatever the setup, you can tweak the light to perfection.

The light heads are powered by the included AC adapters, but if you want to shoot outdoors or on location you can also purchase an additional battery pack to make them portable.

Along with these awesome light heads you also get a pair of stands for mounting them. The stands are extendable up to 74” which should be tall enough for more portrait photography needs.

Oh, and another thing…

You get a pair of softboxes to diffuse and soften the light so your images never have any harsh lighting in them.

Are you sure that’s all under $200?

You bet it is!

Key Features of the Neewer LED Softbox Lighting Kit

  • Adjustable Color Temperature between 3200K – 5600K
  • Adjustable brightness from 1% – 100% of total power
  • Built-in cooling fan to prevent overheating
  • Powered by the AC power adapter or Li-ion batteries for remote use

Best Portrait Studio Lighting Kit: Godox QT400II Kit

If you want results quick, then check this out.

The Godox QT400II Kit is the best Portrait Studio lighting kit on the market. It’s a one stop shop to kit out your entire studio with all the awesome lighting you could ever need to make your portraits look incredible.

There’s a lot to cover here, so let’s dive right in.

In this kit you get three of the Godox QT400 light heads. These light heads are for those who demand good lighting.

Offering you up to 10 continuous flashes in a single second and a refresh rate of 0.05-1.2 seconds, this is for the serious players out there. The flash is ultra fast at 1/5000-1/800 of a second but still manages to allow for vivid image capture.

The three lights are linked and controlled wirelessly and can be used as continuous light sources, or flashes that are triggered in sync.

Still want more?

You also get three softboxes. Two rectangular ones for directional front lighting and an octagonal one for wide overhead lighting. Coupled with three stands, you can place these exactly where they need to be.

Need versatility? How about a Barn Door Grid with 4 interchangeable color filters and a 5-in-1 reflector board for ensuring you get balanced light and shadows on your subject?

Now that’s what I call a lighting kit!

Key Features of the Godox QT400II Kit

  • Super fast recycle time with a max delay of 1.2s
  • Comes with 5-in-1 reflector for fine tuning shadow and highlights
  • Includes Barn Door Honeycomb Grid 4 color Filter + Bowens Mount Reflector
  • Sync Mode: High Speed sync (up to 1/8000s), first curtain sync, second curtain sync.

Best Bang for the Buck Studio Kit: Neewer 2-Pack 2.4G LED Softbox Lighting Kit

Neewer 2-Pack 2.4G LED Softbox Light Kit

A multipurpose softbox lighting kit for video, the Neewer Softbox Lighting Kit has a lot to say for itself!

What if I told you that you could have a full, two point lighting kit for a price that you wouldn’t believe?

You’d probably ask what the catch was, right?

Or maybe it’s just not a great kit?


This LED softbox kit from Neewer is awesome. I mean, we’ve all come to expect this from Neewer. They deliver the goods time and time again, and this is no different. It really is the best bang for buck studio kit you can get.

So what do you get in this kit?

Firstly, a pair of 48W LED lighting heads. Both heads come with an adjustable color temperature ranging from 3200K up to 5600K, and you can dim them down to a minimum of 10% of total power.

They can also be controlled wirelessly with the included remote.

Then there are the stands and softboxes so you can not only position these lights perfectly, but you can ensure there is no harsh glare from them thanks to the softboxes.

If you want to change it up, you also get two sets of three color filters. Red, yellow and blue. Perfect for creating different vibes in your shoots.

Key Features of the Neewer 2-Pack 2.4G LED Softbox Lighting Kit

  • LED Light Heads are dimmable for perfect lighting
  • Includes 2 sets of 3 Color filters for changing light color. Includes Red, Yellow, Blue
  • Controlled wirelessly with included remote
  • Includes a pair of stands for placement and height adjustment

Best Budget Photography Lighting Kit – Under $700: Godox 3 Pack SK400II

03/02/2024 12:13 am GMT

By this point you probably know Godox well. You know their name comes with quality and professionalism.

Unfortunately, that also often means a hefty price tag.

But not here!

This is the best budget photography lighting kit for under $700. And the best bit, they’re all Godox products!

This is big league gear without the big league price tag.

This is a three point lighting kit. It comes with three of the QT400 light heads. These are awesome light heads. They’re even included in the higher end Godox kits. So you’re in good hands here.

These are high performing lights. They refresh very fast with a recycle time of 0.05-1.2 seconds. This also allows 10 continuous flashes per second for those fast paced shoots.

There is a huge range of flash durations available and everything is controlled wirelessly too if you want.

To house these lights, you get two rectangular softboxes and an octagonal one too. The octagonal one is wider and is perfect for diffusing overhead light over a wider area.

The Godox SK400II kit also includes three flash receivers which work over a wireless network with each other. The great thing with this kit is that it’s expandable. You can run up to 16 flash units on one network at any one time, which gives you huge scope to grow.

Key Features of the Godox 3 Pack SK400II

  • Includes 3 lighting stands and softboxes
  • Comes with a reflector with 5 different reflection surfaces
  • Includes Barn Door Kit for fine adjustments with a Honeycomb Grid and 4 color gel filters (Red, Yellow, Blue & Green)

Best Budget Photography Lighting Kit Under $400: Neewer 3 Pack Kit

If you don’t like the idea of having big softboxes everywhere in your studio, or perhaps space is a premium, then you will love this.

Not only is this the best budget lighting kit that comes in under $400, but it’s also incredibly portable. The fact that you don’t have any big softboxes to deal with means this is super easy to store and transport.

In this kit you get three LED panel lights. Each with 660 LED bulbs. These are bi-color with 330 white and 330 yellow bulbs. You can blend between 3200K and 5600K color temperatures and everything in between.

Each of the panels in the Neewer 3 pack kit comes with a barn door attachment for perfectly directing the light and making the beams as narrow or wide as you need them to be.

This kit also comes with some portable softboxes. Three of them to be precise. These small softboxes do the same job as their bigger brothers, but without the bulk. If you are a photographer on the go, you’ll welcome this idea.

What about stands?

Yup. You’ve got those too. Three of them. Each one is durable but lightweight. Weighing in at just 8kg a piece, you won’t struggle when you’re packing up and moving between shoots.

Key Features of the Neewer 3 Pack Kit

  • Each LED panel contains 660 long life LED bulbs
  • Bi color LEDs (330 white and 330 yellow) for perfect temperature blending
  • Each panel, softbox and stand packs down into a handy carry case.

Best Continuous Light for Portraits: Godox SL-200W

Godox SL-200W

If you need a continuous and reliable light source, the SL-200W with its 5500K temperature and 20000 lumens of power will serve you well.

Some photographers prefer to work with continuous light. It’s always on and you can see exactly what you’re going to get.

Does this sound like you?

If it does, then keep reading. You’re in the right place.

The Godox SL-200W is the best continuous light for photos. Let me explain why.

Not only is it bright, and I mean bright, it will fill the room, but it also has a color rendering index over 95. This means that the colors you see in the room will be equally represented in your final image.

These lights won’t change what you’re seeing.

With a very natural 5600K color brightness and adjustable dimmer, you can really tune these continuous lights to your own setup with ease. The large LED panel on the rear shows you exactly what you’ve got it set to.

Like to move around as you shoot? That’s cool too.

Everything you’ve read here can be wirelessly adjusted. You can adjust your brightness from various points in the room to suit your needs.

Although LED lighting is very efficient, Godox also decided to build in a great heatsink and fan to ensure these units stay at a consistent operating temperature.

You don’t want your lights burning out at the key moment in the shoot do you?

Key Features of the Godox SL-200W

  • CRI of over 985 for accurate color representation
  • Adjust brightness wireless with the units remote
  • Also includes a reflector, barn door, 4 color gels and more

Best Portable Lighting for Portrait Photography: Profoto B10 AirTTL

You’re probably wondering why you recognize this light. Well, we’ve already listed it in this article. It also came up top for our choice on Best LED Lighting for Portrait Photography.

It’s coming out on top again as the best portable lighting for portrait photography.

This is a versatile light. It does everything you want it to and more, and it comes in such a small package. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Portable and functional.

The continuous flash has the power of 5 speed lights. So those fast paced action shots will look so good!

The fact that this light is of a similar size to the average camera lens means you can just slip it in your bag and away you go. It’s like carrying a whole lighting studio.

It fits into most standard stands or tripods, and as mentioned earlier, it can be linked to over 120 other Profoto light shaping tools. So it’s scalable as part of a larger setup too.

You can fine tune all the attributes with one of the Profoto remote controls or via the smartphone app.

If you want to travel light and you need a reliable lighting solution you can take anywhere with you, then the Profoto B10 AirTTL will do the trick.

It will answer lighting questions you never even knew you had.

Key Features of the Profoto B10 AirTTL

  • Recycles flash back to full power in 2 seconds
  • 400 full power flashes off a single battery charge
  • High CRI score of 90-96 for accurate color reproduction
  • Includes battery and charger but can also be run off AC

Best Budget Portable Light: Godox AD600BM

Great lighting doesn’t need to cost the same as a car. Godox offers the incredible AD600BM for a price that you’d almost double take at seeing for the spec you get.

For the travelling photographer on a budget, this really is the best budget portable light around. If you’re a stickler for consistency, you can pack this in your bag and take it anywhere you wish.

It has a built in feature called High-Speed Sync which is a godsend for anyone who shoots outdoors. No matter how bright the outside light, with HSS you can overpower the sun (Godox says that themselves!).

You get 500 high power flashes from a full battery pack so even if you’re out shooting all day, you should be covered with that kind of power supply.

For more controlled environments, such as studios, you can fine tune the Godox AD600BM to suit the room. With an adjustable flash duration covering 1/200 to 1/10000 of a second, you don’t need to worry about slow moving flashes.

Need to shoot lots in quick succession?

The recycle rate clocks in at 0.01-2.5 seconds.

You even get a stable 5600K color temperature and a high CRI to ensure your portraits look crisp and dynamic.

Key Features of the Godox AD600BM

  • Weighs just 2.66kg with battery – perfect for travelling light
  • Adjust flash duration to a wide range of times.
  • Up to 30 seconds flash delay for those last minute changes
  • Up to 500 flashes off a single battery pack

Best Light Modifier for Portraits: Westcott 26 inch Octagonal Rapid Box

Sometimes, great lighting isn’t enough.

I know, I know… we always go on about it.

But it’s true.

Sometimes you need some killer accessories to refine the lighting. This Westcott Rapid Box is the best light modifier out there to really make your portraits come alive.

So first of all, what is it?

Well, it’s a rapid box. It is a softbox style accessory but designed to be used in a flash (No pun intended). It pops open and closed like an umbrella so you can get set up in seconds.

It works with all the different shoe mounts so you can mount your flash with ease.

This Westcott rapid box, although coming in at 26” wide, has a very shallow depth. This makes it ideal for tight locations or small studios without compromising on the lighting quality.

If you find your flash is too bright or too direct, it also comes with an outer diffuser panel that fits over the front of the box to soften and spread the light more evenly and reduce any glare.

It packs down to a small size which makes it great for travel too. You could fit this into a suitcase without compromising any large areas of space and the speedy setup and tear down makes it a joy to work with.

Key Features of the Westcott 26 Inch Octagonal Rapid Box

  • 26 inch wide Octagon shape
  • Silver Interior for efficient reflections
  • Quick setup and teardown
  • Adjustable flash and tilt brackets
  • Includes removable front diffuser panel for spreading light

Best Softbox for Outdoor Portraits: Godox Foldable Mini Size Softbox

Outdoor portraits look awesome. Natural light is some of the best light you can get.

But, natural light is also very unpredictable. It can change in an instant. It’s always best to have a backup.

Of course, using your own lights outside comes with its own challenges. A good softbox will help fine tune the lighting you use. The Godox Foldable Mini Softbox is the best for outdoor portrait shoots.

It’s designed for quick use. It’s all in one, so there is no assembly required. Just pop it open, put it on a stand and get to work.

The silver internal lining will spread the flash bulb more evenly and gives you even lighting every time.

The Godox Foldable Mini Softbox also comes with a dual layer diffuser for the outside to soften and spread that lighting a little further if you need to.

You can use either of the layers individually, or you can use both together for maximum softening.

If you shoot outdoors regularly, you’re going to love how portable this softbox is. It’s foldable and fits into a small little bag for easy transportation.

  • Portable and sets up in seconds
  • Foldable design for easy transport
  • Twin layer diffuser (Use one or both)
  • Silver inner reflective layer for maximum brightness spread
  • S-type Strobe Bracket

Best Light Bulbs for Portrait Photography: TORCHSTAR Dimmable A21 LED Light Bulb

02/27/2024 07:00 pm GMT

If you find yourself buying a lighting kit, one of the biggest things that you might want to upgrade is the quality of bulbs that are included.

Many lower cost kits won’t come standard with premium bulbs. If you want to upgrade your bulbs then these TORCHSTAR bulbs are the best light bulbs for portrait photography use.

Can a bulb be that good?

Of course it can. Let me explain.

These are energy efficient. Straight away, that’s a winning result. If you shoot long sessions, you’ll be keeping your energy costs down.

They claim to reduce energy use by 83%. A 17w LED has the same efficiency as a 100w incandescent.

They are dimmable and operate smoothly anywhere from 10% to 100% of their total brightness. They are also flicker and hum free. Remember that strange buzzing sound dimmer switches used to make? Forget it, that’s a thing of the past now.

Offering a 90+ CRI score you can be sure that your lighting with Torchstar LED bulbs will best represent what you see in the room and won’t alter the coloration of your subject in any way.

Want to know the best part?

They last approximately 22.8 years based on an average of 3 hours heavy use a day. Even if you’re shooting for 5-6 hours a day, the average life expectancy will still be over 10 years per bulb.

Key Features of the TORCHSTAR Dimmable A21 LED Light Bulb

  • CRI90+ for accurate color reproduction
  • Switchable between two Color Temperatures 2700K or 5000K
  • 17W LED is equivalent to 100W incandescent bulb
  • Estimated 22.8 year lifespan based on 3 hours use per day.

Best Strobe Light for Portraits: Godox AD600Pro

Godox AD600Pro

Don’t skimp out on cheaper flashes that change color over time, check out the AD600Pro, and make sure your clothing shoots are consistent.

Strobe lights are for those who demand speed.

If you like to work fast, you’ll need a strobe in your lighting arsenal. The best strobe for portrait work is the AD600Pro from Godox.

How fast are we talking?

Very fast. This unit has a recycle rate of 0.01 to 0.9 seconds. The longest you’ll ever have to wait for a flash recycle is still less than a single second. That’s pretty fast.

While this is rated as a 38W LED Bulb, don’t let that number fool you. It’s the equivalent to a 400W Tungsten bulb. It’s all the brightness you’ll ever need.

The Godox AD600Pro also offers fantastic stable color temperature. It’s a rock solid 5600K with only 75K variance over the range of power modes this unit can be switched to.

It has a built-in 2.4G wireless network which you can pair with Godox own remotes or sync with other autoflash systems from Canon, Nikon, Sony and more. This also operates over a 100m range for when you’re shooting far away.

If you ever need to work wirelessly, you can also power the strobe from a Lithium battery pack which will give you up to 360 full power flashes while still adhering to the lightning fast recycle speeds.

Key Features of the Godox AD600Pro

  • Works on 2.4G wireless up to 100m
  • Less than 1 second flash recycle time
  • Flash Delay from 0.01 to 30 Sec

Best Portrait Lighting Kit: Godox QT400II Kit

High end lighting kits are serious business. Godox knows that, and you know that.

The QT400II is a professional grade lighting kit that instantly gives you everything you need to shoot awesome portraits. It’s the best portrait lighting kit out there.

Three of the awesome QT400II Lighting heads are provided in this kit, so we’re already off to a great start before we even talk about everything else.

The Godox QT400II kit heads are powerful but portable. They have a speedy refresh rate (Less than 0.9 seconds for anyone wondering) and they have some great, tweakable settings.

You can get a super short flash duration anywhere from 1/316 to 1/28984 seconds with up to 10 continuous flashes per second.

What else is included?

You also get a pair of rectangular softboxes and a single octagonal softbox. Rectangular softboxes are great for diffusing directional light to light the front of the subject.

The octagonal box has a larger diffuser area so this is better suited to overhead use. It allows the light to spread evenly across the subject.

Three stands are also bundled, one of which has a heavy duty boom arm for positioning the overhead softbox.

Need color? Not a problem. You also get a barn door attachment with 4 different color gels to change the lighting feel of your shoots. This is great if you want to beam a single color of light from one angle.

Key Features of the Godox QT400II Kit

  • Recycle time Approx. 0.05-0.9s
  • Adjustable flash durations
  • Up to 10 continuous flashes per second

Best Bang for the Buck Kit: Godox 3 Pack SK400II

03/02/2024 12:13 am GMT

OK, I know what you’re thinking.

You’re thinking of ways to get the best lighting setup you can without needing to overspend on your budget.

If you want the absolute maximum bang for your buck you’ll need to check this kit out.
Three light heads, three stands, three soft boxes, a barn door, four color gels, a 5 in one reflector and a sandbag. Now THATs bang for your buck.

The light heads are the SK400I heads, and you get three of them. These are great lights that you can operate over a 2.4G wireless network. They have a fast flash recycle and are perfect for continuous shooting.

Each one has an LCD panel on the rear to show you the current settings. They also have their own cooling system built in to prevent any overheating risk occuring mid-shoot.

You also never need to worry about your flash being out of time with your camera. Godox SK400II has built in an anti-preflash function that syncs with your camera to ensure your flashes hit the mark every time.

As with most kits, you get the standard softbox arrangement. A pair of rectangular boxes and a wider octagonal box for lighting overhead on a subject.

To further fine tune the highlights and shadows on your subject, Godox even throws in a 5-in-1 reflector that can be used to ensure your photos always look perfect.

Key Features of the Godox 3 Pack SK400II

  • Comes with three softboxes for diffusion and even lighting
  • Anti-preflash feature built in to ensure flash never goes off early
  • Built-in Cooling Fan for Excellent Heat Dissipation

Best Portrait Lighting Kits for Beginners: Neewer 2-Pack 2.4G LED Softbox Lighting Kit

Neewer 2-Pack 2.4G LED Softbox Light Kit

A multipurpose softbox lighting kit for video, the Neewer Softbox Lighting Kit has a lot to say for itself!

Beginners rejoice.

Neewer has put together this amazing kit to help you get started with minimal headache. It’s the best portrait lighting kit for anyone who is new to the world of lighting.

It doesn’t matter if you have never bought a light before, this kit is designed to help you out.

You get a pair of Neewer lightheads which are both dimmable. They operate at an adjustable color temperature between 3200 and 5600K which is perfect for fine tuning the light to every possible situation.

If that’s not enough, the pair of included soft boxes will remove any unwanted glare and spread the light evenly across your photo areas.

If you ever want to create different moods with color they also throw in two sets of three color filters. A red, blue and yellow for setting the mood.

Everything that is included in the Neewer LED softbox lighting kit also packs down into the carry bag that is included.

Oh, and we have to talk about the remote control. Even in this price point, Neewer has made these lights wirelessly controllable using the included remote. You can adjust brightness and color temperature from across the room with the push of a button.

You have no excuse to not have amazing photos with a kit like this.

Key Features of the Neewer 2-Pack 2.4G LED Softbox Lighting Kit

  • Wirelessly change settings with the included remote
  • Powered off included AC adapter or optional rechargeable battery pack
  • Includes three Color filters: Red, Yellow, Blue


You made it.

You’ve just taken a huge walk through the world of portrait photography lighting.

Are you feeling ready to go out there and conquer?

Lighting plays a big, and I mean big, part in your overall portrait photography. A great camera needs great lights to capture killer images. Now that you know what’s out there, it’s your turn to go forth and create something special.

Use what you’ve learnt about lighting, check out what suits your needs and let your images come to life.

It’s time to shine some light on your subjects and make them look INCREDIBLE.