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This post was most recently updated on January 21st, 2024.

So you’re finally tired of depending on unreliable natural light or your camera’s weak flash?

We get it, we’ve been there! 📸✨

You’re ready to take your photographs to the next level.

Buying a strobe light is a fantastic choice as it’ll help you get exactly the right lighting level every single time… no matter if you’re looking to create a natural look in a studio or an extremely dramatic feel outdoors!

Just one little problem:

There are thousands of strobe lighting options… so many that it even drives us experts nuts!

You might be thinking: Ah man, I’ll spend weeks on this decision, and then I’ll pick the wrong one. 😕

No way:

This is the ultimate guide to finding you the best strobe lights for photography, fast.

Let’s dive in.

Best Strobe Lights For Photography

Editor’s PickBrand
The Best Strobe Light for PhotographyProfoto B10 AirTTL
Best Budget Strobe Light for PhotographyNeewer 300W Photo Studio Strobe Lighting Kit
Best Budget LED Strobe LightGodox FV150
Best Cheap Strobe LightNeewer Vision 4
Best Strobe Light Photography KitProfoto 901056 D1 Studio Kit
Best Budget Strobe Lighting KitGodox AD600BM Lighting Kit
Best Cheap Strobe Lighting KitNeewer 250W Lighting Kit
Best Portable StrobeProfoto B10 AirTTL
Best Budget Portable StrobeGodox AD600Pro
Best Cheap Portable StrobeLimoStudio Photography 200W

The Best Strobe for Photography: Profoto B10 AirTTL

Profoto B10 AirTTL
The Profoto B10 AirTTL is an ultra-compact, battery-powered strobe light that is miles in front of the competition. If you can afford it, don’t look elsewhere!

The Profoto B10 AirTTL is about the same size as a camera lens, but don’t take it lightly; it’s insanely powerful, capable, and easy-to-use!

We didn’t have a single doubt when it came to picking it as the number #1 strobe light.

This light crushes photography! In addition to the best overall strobe, the Profoto B10 is also The Best Strobe For Sports, The Best Battery-Powered Strobe & The Best Portable Strobe.

The Profoto delivers incredible lighting performance thanks to a 250Ws light with a 10-stop power control mechanism and onboard TTL capability. It has very fast recycle times (0.05 – 2.2 seconds) and a flash duration of 1/7,000s that can be shortened to 1/50,000s in Freeze Mode. Perfect for fast-moving sports photography!

You’ll also never mess up another shot if you use its 150W LED modeling light. It even offers you adjustable brightness (10-100%) and color temperature (3000-6500K) for the perfect shot prep.

And one more thing:

The Profoto has the battery life to go along with its portable size. You’ll get 400 full-power flashes out of a full charge, and its charger can also double as an AC adaptor if you’re using it in your studio.

Key Features of the Profoto B10 AirTTL:

  • Lightweight, powerful, and durable
  • 5600K color temperature
  • AirTTL support with 8 channels and 3 groups (remote sold separately – Canon, Nikon, Sony, FUJIFILM, Olympus)
  • Modeling CRI of 90-96 that’s also great for videos
  • Turns your iPhone into a professional camera with its iOS mobile app

Best Budget Strobe Lights for Photography

Best Budget Strobe Light for Photography: Neewer 300W Photo Studio Strobe Lighting Kit

The Neewer 300W Photo Studio Strobe is the best budget strobe. For less than $300 you can get your hands on a full lighting set that comes with:

  • TWO(!) 300Ws 5600K strobe lights with 75W modeling lamps (A/C powered only)
  • Two 2m (6.5’) stands
  • Two 50x70cm (20×28”) softboxes for softer lighting and less defined shadows
  • An RT-16 wireless trigger
  • A durable transport bag

We particularly like its 1/2,000s flash duration, its quick recycling time (0.3 – 1.8 seconds), and its strong light intensity. It’s also really easy to set up and use.

Whilst you can’t expect the same level of professional performance (or portability) as the Profoto or the Godox, you’ll have more than enough lighting power and accessories to take some fantastic studio shots. It’s especially well-suited for fashion, portrait, and product photography.

Key Features of the Neewer 300W Photo Studio Strobe Lighting Kit:

  • Lightweight and easy-to-transport
  • Durable and stable
  • Incredible 60-step power output control
  • 180° rotatable
  • 5600K color temperature (+/- 200K)

Best Budget LED Strobe Light: Godox FV150

Do you enjoy recording videos as well as taking photos?

The Godox FV150 is an outstanding all-in-one solution that will give you a ton of extra lighting flexibility.


It doubles as both a continuous LED light and a strobe flash.

As a strobe light, it’ll provide you with 150Ws of power, 1/8000s HSS, and over 10 continuous flashes per second.

As a continuous LED light, it will supply you with a steady stream of natural soft lighting that is fully adjustable in brightness (0 – 100%). It also has eight special effects to help you simulate different shooting scenes and unlock your creativity.

It might just be the most capable hybrid video and photo light on the market right now, but make sure to only pick this option if you’ll use both functionalities.

If you plan to only use your new strobe flash for taking photos, then we recommend choosing another option on this top 9 list as they’ll offer more flash power for money.

Key Features of the Godox FV150:

  • 5600K color temperature (+/- 200K)
  • Power output between 1/8 – 1/1 or 7.0 – 10.0
  • CRI ≥96 and TLCI ≥95
  • Built-in 2.4G wireless receiver compatible with all major camera brands
  • AC powered

Best Cheap Strobe Light: Neewer Vision 4

This compact strobe light has become a photographers favorite, both among amateurs and professionals.


Because the Neewer Vision 4 is the best cheap strobe light. This German-engineered wonder will provide you with 300Ws of power, a fast (but not lighting fast) recycle time of 0.4 – 2.5 seconds, 1/2000s sync speed, and a built-in 2.4G wireless receiver with a trigger.

Secondly, the Neewer brand name is a guarantee for top-notch build quality that will last you for ages.

Thirdly, it has terrific battery life. A giant 6000mAH lithium battery gives you the freedom of 700 full-power flashes. Want to get drunk on battery autonomy? Then get the Vision 4 version with two batteries!

Just one word of caution:

The Vision 4 doesn’t support TTL or HSS modes, so if this is important to you, don’t get this strobe light.

Key Features of the Neewer Vision 4:

  • 6-step power output control (1/64 to 1/1)
  • Remarkably short flash duration (1/10,000s to 1/1,000s)
  • Lightweight at just 1.8kg (4lbs)
  • 13W Modeling LED Light with 1370 lumen
  • Ergonomic grip for easy handheld use

Best Strobe Light Kits for Photography

Best Strobe Light Photography Kit: Profoto 901056 D1 Studio Kit

The Profoto 901056 D1 Studio Kit is the best strobe lighting kit on the market. Look at the amount of equipment included in this lighting toolkit:

  • TWO(!) D1 Air 500Ws strobe lights
  • Two small white umbrellas for softer lighting
  • Two sturdy stands
  • A sync cord
  • A travel/storage case for your entire studio kit

But, like with any other Profoto light, you’re going to have to pay for market-leading quality.

Why do we love these lights?

They give you 1000Ws of Profoto-quality lighting power, speedy recycling times (0.2 – 0.95 seconds), short flash duration (1/2600s to 1/1000s), and 1/10 f-stop precision exposure control.


If you’re looking to complete your lighting kit with a couple more optional accessories, be sure to consider the Profoto Air Remote for up to 300m (1000’) of wireless control and the Profoto BatPac for flexible battery-powered shooting.

Key Features of the Profoto 901056 D1 Studio Kit:

  • Surprisingly easy to use for a professional strobe
  • Impressive color temperature consistency of +/- 40K from one flash to the next
  • Built-in reflector for minimizing stray light
  • 300W tungsten modeling light

Best Budget Strobe Lighting Kit: Godox AD600BM Lighting Kit

This best budget strobe lighting bundle is extremely well-priced and well-equipped. This makes the Godox AD600BM Strobe Lighting Kit a feasible option for almost every type of photographer; novices and seasoned veterans alike!

The very best part about this top softbox strobe lighting kit is that it comes with a ton of accessories. You’ll receive one of each of these items:

  • 600Ws AD600BM strobe
  • 600W portable flash head
  • 53x53cm (21×21″) softbox
  • 18cm (7″) standard reflector
  • 18cm (7″) flash diffuser
  • Lamp cover
  • Flash tube
  • PERGEAR diffuser (5 colors)
  • 8700mAh battery with a charger and power cord
  • Portable bag for your strobe flash

But it isn’t all perfect with the AD600BM kit. We also need to talk about its two main drawbacks.

One, its 10W LED modeling light is nothing to write home about.

Two, this kit doesn’t come with a stand, so you’ll have to purchase it separately (we recommend this one).

If you’re aware of these slight hiccups, well then you won’t be disappointed!

Key Features of the Godox AD600BM:

  • 9-step power output control (1/256 to 1/1)
  • Excellent battery life that provides up to 500 full-power flashes (spare battery available here)
  • Dependable, quick recycle times (0.01 – 2.5 seconds)
  • Built-in 2.4G wireless receiver with a range of 80m (262’)
  • 1/8000s HSS
  • Robust and lightweight

Best Cheap Strobe Lighting Kit: Neewer 250W Photo Studio Strobe Lighting Kit

The Neewer 250W Photo Studio Strobe is the little brother of the Neewer 300W Lighting Kit that we reviewed as our pick for the best strobe light under $300.

It is essentially the same wonderfully built lighting kit… but with one major difference:

The two strobe flashes.

Each one has 250Ws of flash energy instead of 300Ws. They do however offer you a slightly improved recycle time (0.3 – 1.7 seconds) and shorter flash duration (1/2,200s). But they’re not all different: they have the same 75W modeling light, and they also run only on A/C power.

If you don’t need the extra combined 100Ws of power (i.e., you shoot in a small studio), go ahead and save yourself a few bucks by ordering this version!

Just a reminder, this package still includes these handy accessories:

  • Two stable 2m (6.5’) stands
  • Two 50x70cm (20×28”) softboxes
  • An RT-16 wireless trigger
  • A durable transport bag

Just like the 300W version, we recommend this kit for beginners, amateurs, and studio photographers, particularly ones focused on fashion, portraits, and/or small products.

Key Features of the Neewer 250W Photo Studio Strobe Lighting Kit:

  • Portable and lightweight (1.35kg/3lbs)
  • Wireless sync distance of 10m (33’)
  • Excellent 60-step power output control
  • 5600K color temperature (+/- 200K)
  • 180° rotatable

Best Portable Strobe Lights for Photography

Best Portable Strobe for Photography: Profoto B10 AirTTL

Profoto B10 AirTTL
The Profoto B10 is a perfect strobe for a photographer on the go: light and portable. Yet durable.

Are you tired of getting weighed down by cables?

With 400 flashes on a full charge, a .05 to 2 seconds recycle time, while only being the size of a medium lens, the Profoto B10 AirTTL is the best portable strobe for photography.

With a less than 90 minute recharge time, the B10 is almost always ready for shooting, anywhere.

It’s equipped with a 150 watt LED modeling light, a fluid color temp range, 3000-6500K, and even has the ability to shoot in continuous mode for video.

All of these settings can be dialed in on the strobe, or controlled from your phone with the ProFoto app.

Delivering studio quality, power, and mobility, the Profoto B10 may be the perfect portable strobe for you.

Key Features of the Profoto B10:

  • LCD display
  • 150 watt LED modeling light
  • 400 full power flashes with each charge

Best Budget Portable Strobe Light: Godox AD600Pro

Godox AD600Pro

Don’t skimp out on cheaper flashes that change color over time, check out the AD600Pro, and make sure your clothing shoots are consistent.

If it’s raw power that you’re after, our second-placed Godox AD600Pro is the right strobe light for you!

Despite coming in considerably cheaper than the Profoto B10, this Godox strobe is equipped with a mind-boggling 600Ws of power and nine steps of power control (1/256 to 1/1).

This makes it, without a doubt, the best budget strobe light for photography.

With all this power, you might be worried about battery life:

No need to!

Godox added a very powerful lithium-ion battery that’ll guarantee you up to 360 full-power flashes on a single charge… and if that’s not enough, you can order yourself a backup battery.

The last issue that you might be wondering about is recycling speed: Will I need to compromise here?

Nope! Somehow this beauty still manages to keep recycling times staggeringly low (0.01 – 0.9 seconds) and can even take 12 continuous pops if used at 1/16 power. Wow!

So why haven’t we ranked it #1 over the Profoto?

Three reasons:

  1. It’s less portable – twice the weight and almost twice the size.
  2. It’s not as solidly built.
  3. Its 38W Modeling LED light is less capable.

But if you can overlook these drawbacks, you can grab yourself a serious flash for an excellent price.

Key Features of the Godox AD600Pro:

  • 5600K color temperature with a stabilizing feature (+/-75K)
  • Flash duration from 1/10,000s to 1/220s
  • 1/8000s HSS
  • Built-in 2.4G wireless receiver with a range of 100m (328′)
  • Compatible with Canon, Nikon, Sony, FUJIFILM, Olympus, and Panasonic TTL autoflash systems

Best Cheap Portable Strobe: LimoStudio Photography 200W

The LimoStudio Photography 200W is the best cheap portable strobe light for photography. Period.

Nothing else in this ridiculously low price range can deliver performance that even comes close.

200Ws of flash power. Recharge time of only 0.2 – 1.5 seconds. Automatically turns on in the dark. 8000 hours of flash tube life. Super flexible shooting angles that make it great as a main, back, or focus light.

What more could a beginner or a (slightly) rusty amateur want?

Just don’t expect a miracle worker… it’s a bit flimsily built, and it’s only well-suited for smallish studio spaces.

That said, you can buy it confidently as the price-to-value ratio is simply so good.

We do recommend you bookmark this article though.

You know, in case you ever start to feel that the Photography 200W is no longer enough for your developing photography skills and you need a more powerful portable strobe (like the Profoto B10 AirTTL or the Neewer Vision 4)!

Key Features of the LimoStudio Photography 200Wt:

  • Power output dial (1/16 to 1/1)
  • 50W modeling light
  • AC powered
  • Works with a wireless trigger (sold separately here)
  • Sounds an alert when the flash is ready


What’s the best strobe light for sports photography?

The Profoto B10 AirTTL is a compact, battery-powered strobe flash that delivers amazingly fast and reliable performance, making it the perfect light for sports photographers.

The Profoto B10 AirTTL is a dream come true if you’re a sports photographer!

It delivers action-stopping performance that’ll let you illuminate and capture even the fastest, most chaotic moments on the field.

What’s the best battery powered strobe?

If you’re looking for a battery-powered strobe, then the Profoto B10 AirTTL is the no-brainer choice for you.

With a battery life that lasts over 400 full-power flashes and a charger that conveniently doubles as an AC adaptor, the Profoto B10 AirTTL has no competitors when it comes to battery-powered performance.

This insanely powerful strobe has been fitted out with 250Ws, a 10-stop power control mechanism, very fast recycle times (0.05 – 2.2 seconds), a flash duration of 1/7,000s that can be cut to 1/50,000s in Freeze Mode, onboard TTL capability, and an iOS app.

In Conclusion

Thanks for making it to the end to this list of the best strobe lights for photography 🙏

We suggest you don’t spend any more time browsing around the internet and reading more reviews… you’re more than prepared to pick the right strobe light for your specific setup!

Order your preferred recommendation and then put your focus and effort where it matters most…

Mastering how to take epic photos with your new strobe! Check out this great YouTube video series for an awesome starter’s guide.